Paul Lisney

Paul Lisney

from Reading PA

About "Take Me Down"

This is my latest song which was inspired after seeing a video of Archbishop Fulton Sheen where he talks about the devil. At the close of the talk he tells hearing our Lord’s cries and how he responded.


And I woke in the dead of night
To woeful cries of anguish and pain
And I rose from my bed
And in haste searched outside
There You were, crucified
Your cross framed by the moonlit sky

In distress I called your name
What can I do to ease your pain
So I tried to take you down

To remove the nails that held You bound
Until You said “Let them be
For I cannot be freed
‘Til every man, woman and child
Come to take me down
Come to take me down"

In the quiet of the waning day
Again I heard your anguished cries
What can I do my Lord I prayed
For I cannot bear to see You this way
And then I heard “Tell the world of Me
For I am waiting to be freed
Let them know there’s a man on a cross
Come and take me down
All come and take me down"

© 2017 Paul Lisney 8/17 to 8/18/17

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