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bass clarinet/ interactive electronics improv.
Fast raising act SeanBlaQ, Having hit 8k followers on Instagram decodes to thrill his fans with this amazing tune, he calls it Light Em Up, SeanBlaQ has shown the world that he is one of Nigeria‚Äôs most versatile artist and that he is not just…
NLog Synth app on iPod touch thru Akai synth station thru pedalboard, live looping
Seanblaq hails from Jos, a city believed to be the creators of Big and dope artist, having been signed to Skally Gang ent. Sean has been able to show us what he got. With massive tune switches from Rap, trap, Patour, RnB and even Afro pol, Seanblaq…read more
He IS out to get you. Best to deal with him first.
its falling
Mid-October. Without a doubt autumn has come. And someone is celebrating birthday. /For B.
Online psychic chat rooms are becoming popular among people as they are very convenient to use. In fact, you can quickly get answers to your questions from best psychic experts.
dije mansur makes his top debut which was produce by dj abba his boss
He dwells in the land of Rumour.
This song is a collaboration with Stan Loh, who wrote the lyrics. I did the music. The leadguitar was done by my friend Bingsolex KC
DermaVix : This means that that periodically a number of the natural ingredients might contain a rather higher or lower proportion of one or even several of the parts, however over a amount of time, these variations balance out. The key purpose…read more