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and the body will follow
Jamming on some riffs from the 5th track of Slayer's Reign in Blood album.
Nobody ever heard a song like this. For a good reason.
Prometheus: The idea is a bird that does not tolerate restrictions and rushed skyward. Igor Bad Münder am Deister 10.2018 For Svetlana, derjenige, der das Licht bringt.'s when to take time to pause and reflect before going into action. Time for a Condor moment. Before you get sucked into the whirlpool of ‘possible solutions’. 10.2018 / Thank You Trevor for an idea, and for the inspiration.
107:acknowledge the cipher of God...9nlj enciphers God
these fools elected a retard for their president..
now is always better than later...
life is full of distractions, thats what makes it so fortifying..
lyrical martial arts.
that "T" on rap made it Trap. no cross no trap..
when nat turner read the bible he went ham. now a days when they read the bible they go rainbow coalition. ..........I WENT HAM..
why raise another mans kids when yours miss you..
respectful women are the best women..