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clarinet mouthpiece/ pedals improv.
A guitar instrumental with too much soloing and not enough melody. Thanks for listening.
Prometheus: The idea is a bird that does not tolerate restrictions and rushed skyward. Igor Bad Münder am Deister 10.2018 For Svetlana, derjenige, der das Licht bringt.
At what point do you realise that I am not a man but am in fact a...
Source: Acoustic guitar
More guitar noodlings.
a long time ago I often collaborated with an immensely talented composer from France, Alister Flint - this is one of our collaborations. Been years since I've heard from him. He's been missed.
Source: Flute and Bells
Nobody ever heard a song like this. For a good reason.'s when to take time to pause and reflect before going into action. Time for a Condor moment. Before you get sucked into the whirlpool of ‘possible solutions’. 10.2018 / Thank You Trevor for an idea, and for the inspiration.
He is a man now.
Gis a kiss
Source: Flute and Bells
Source: Acoustic guitar
A 7-string guitar instrumental I made up. Thanks for listening.
Written for a Minnesota Homebrew Halloween Song Challenge ____________________________________ Sweet Tooth Geezer Wandering thru the backyards on a cold and hallowed night When I saw the little children all dressed up with eyes so bright…read more
No idea mate. I think therefore I spam.
While wiring up a new FX processor in my studio I was messing around with this classic traditional sea shanty. Probably because at this time last week I was playing at the Harwich (UK) International Sea Shanty Festival. Anyway, while messing around…read more
Desirea tells Reg the truth, love was just an illusion as she leaves him flat...