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these fools elected a retard for their president..
More guitar noodlings.
A 7-string guitar instrumental I made up. Thanks for listening.
Fast raising act SeanBlaQ, Having hit 8k followers on Instagram decodes to thrill his fans with this amazing tune, he calls it Light Em Up, SeanBlaQ has shown the world that he is one of Nigeria‚Äôs most versatile artist and that he is not just…
"Klingon Death Chant" would be more pervish fun would have been. wont. fuckers. will be fuckers. whatever. gimp.
DermaVix : This means that that periodically a number of the natural ingredients might contain a rather higher or lower proportion of one or even several of the parts, however over a amount of time, these variations balance out. The key purpose…read more
Gis a kiss
Second modified version of I Will Check With My Boss, stretched three times but with different sample size. Submitted for Sound-In, Oct. 18-20, 2018.
First modified version of I Will Check With My Boss, stretched three times. Submitted for Sound-In, Oct. 18-20, 2018.
This is the original file, cleaned up with some noise reduction, of a phone message from an obvious pocket-dial. I liked the heavily garbled sound rendering most of it unintelligible. The title, and those of the two modified versions, are taken…read more
Finally done tweaking. The hardest part is switching nicely between sections... took 8 revisions. Anyhoo... happy with it now. Used for mastering (great free resource), does all the limiting, equalizing and compression for you.
Source: Acoustic guitar