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by Reefwalker


Get Down Make Love (mix 1)

forever, through the end of gloves, forever

(For Fishy Fish and Mr. Hollis)

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Reefwalker said

faved and saved! great to hear from you again Brett.

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thetworegs said

of the wall lovelyness

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vaisvil said

Really like the vibe on this. You get a nice sitar tone on your guitar that I really like.

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Brett Warren said

Thanks, Proods, Colleen, Len, Zhinkies… I appreciate it.

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The Zhinkies said


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Len Sasso said

Very nice piece - I especially like the ending.

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Colleen Dillon said

Cool vibe on this. Love the sound of the vocals

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The Proods said

Yes indeed! Still your biggest fan! This is another creative tune that I rushed back to dig!