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I found this poem I wrote back before she left. I put music to it and recorded it night before last.
Yeah, the high voice is me too.


Am Dm
He rattles like a tambourine, his thots, in words, adorned
E Am
She puts her finger to his lips, sufficiently informed

She knows an ancient language that answers all his fears
And in the silent darkness, she’ll kiss away his tears…Ahhhhhh

Tho words are oft repeated, they fail to reassure
He quakes there in the silence like the spasm of a lure

In her sleep she stumbles to find him crying there
Eyes wide, in the darkness, his body wracked with fear…Ahhhhhhhhh

Can the maker of the pain be the bringer of the cure?

She will pull him to her, and wordless, calm his heart
And they will come together, and, sated, fall apart

Her sensual reassurance will last him ’til the dawn
Each new day is one day closer to her day for moving on…Ahhhhhhh

Can the maker of the pain be the bringer of the cure?

Guest said

Very moving...very clever.

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Reefwalker said

cool, and unique song. the backing vocals bring it all together too

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launched said

That was great - Killer harmonies, too!