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I think I might like this one. It’s almost funky but not quite. It was sort of a throw away at first. I wanted to have x number of songs in progress by y date and this one was thrown together to make my deadline. As it progressed though, I started to think it was cool. I was feeling pretty low when I wrote the lyrics and that’s not very common for me this year. Please pardon the panning games I played with the leads at the end. It should also be noted that this is the 10th song finished this month, which means even if I don’t finish the project I have in mind, there will be a completed RPM Challenge album for 2019. The guitars are a Gibson SG into a Fender Deluxe Reverb.

That’s how it always
seems to end up for me
Locked out of life in the ice and the snow

It’s like a prison
The frozen empty
If only I had some place I could go

So give me
some clue
So tell me
what to do

I’m trying
my best
can’t beat it
I guess

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