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Washaw Valley


Well, since Greg Connor(alone-tone) has gone electric
I saw a chance to fill the void
A country tune with trains and yodels

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Sister Savage said

Nowt wrong with trains and yodels! Feelgoodtastic!

Greg Connor said

Oops, forgot to log in. My mind must be on vacation or something.

Great song my friend.

Guest said

Rita likes the line in there about hearing the echo too.

Guest said

Love it !!!
The harmony , the Acoustic (J45) Guitar, The rattling percussion. It’s a complete package.

Plus … It sounds very familiar. Almost like ,,, well … You know.

Guest said

Good listen. I especially enjoy your guitar playing on this tune.

Colleen Dillon said

“Serenity in a pickle jar, sitting on the rocks playing my guitar….

And all the rest of this song’s lyrics. What a beautiful vision you’ve painted. And the yodelling is a nice counterpoint to @Greg Connor’s recent rock&roll electricity. I love it!!!!

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