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On Our Way


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Bob Campbell: Lyrics, Vocals
Jorge Paulo: Guitars, Bass
Tony Wolsey: Drums
Steffen Offermann: Original Music & Production

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James Michael Taylor said

You asked me who Jack Hardy was...He was a friend of mine, now gone. Beloved by many. This was a bit of teasing him, imitating how he sang. He and I shared a mutual respect. The first time I met him I was sitting under an awning at the Kerrville Folk Festival and he pulled up a chair and said, "Sing me a song." We were buddies from then on. The day he would arrive at Kerrville was always joyfully anticipated, not just because he made such great spigot. Here is a link to more about him:

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KCsGroove said

has a cool 70-s feel well played, sung and produced I like it!

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