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Trying To Write A Song



Lyrics: Tez Katajala
Vocals: Kim Noble
Bass: Lean Lui Toudou

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stoman said

Thanks for listening on commenting, James! And I love it when you tell us all something about the background of your songs. I wish I’d have the time to listen more often. You are one of the last “true song writers” IMO.

James Michael Taylor said

I like the way you play the voices against eachother. Very strong melodies.
Also, Thanks for listening to my music and commenting. The song about Jack Hardy is a very “in” joke. I make gentle fun of an American legend. He’s gone on since then. I played it once when I opened for him. We were friends and fans of eachother.

stoman said

Thanks! I’m glad you like it!

It’s actually more abandoned than finished, as I did not want to wait for real drums any longer. But I might revisit it one day and finish it off. :)

doktordoktor said

This is great! Everything sounds just right.

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