Tom Browning

Tom Browning

from Anytown, US

About "Lost in Translation (with DoktorDoktor)"

Vs and Js
are difficult
Don’t you know
who’s W?

Can’t you see?
I’m in the dark
Misses the Mark


Lost in translation
from a different nation
So confused at the station
when you’re on vacation
Now you’re in a bus
or ridin a train
It might not make sense
but I’ll try to explain
Just ‘cause you’re in
and not on the top,
the rules of our language
will catch you on hop

Words they sound
much the same
when you look
for who to blame

Instead we choose
expanded cells
and learn to lose
our jealous selves

Dophins slide
Expand and pierce
Learn to glide
through oceans fierce

Doves demand
more than hands
Love it stands;
will we understand?

Music and lyrics by DoktorDoktor
Lyrics and melodies by Tom Browning

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