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A 90 second song, written and recorded on the evening of 12th June 2012.

Acoustic guitar, uke, glockenspiel, bass, slide guitar, tambourine, piano, singing, bells, shaker, melodica by Andy.

After a long day at work, I wanted to do something nice, so picked up my guitar and decided to record what came out. This is what happened.

I’d been listening to The Lilac Time at the weekend, which might explain the sound of this, a bit.

Your playground game
Me on the side
I’d count to ten and then
You’d run and hide away from me
I’d track you down
And I’d tell you why
It’s time to come inside
Would you cry if I gave you this kiss
This kiss
If I gave you this.

It’s nice to work quickly.

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Lady Jane said

Sweet :)

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A Bit More Better Productions said

lovely.. nice one chum

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Johnny Stone said

Very cool.

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Rob and Laura said