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alonetone wants YOU!

- posted by Sudara on October 05, 2010 - 20 comments -


alonetone wants to hear from you. If you have a few minutes, we’d appreciate your feedback on the forums regarding comment/forum moderation. We’re experiencing some growing pains, some folks are feeling unwelcome to the point of wanting to leave and it’s time to sit down and talk like adults and decide what we want to be.

Notice that I say “we.” As the founder of alonetone, it’s becoming more and more clear that I can’t take care of all of the social and moderation details on my own. This is not my site, it is yours. It’s no longer appropriate or sustainable for me to try to help everyone, to moderate everything, to address everyone’s requests. You deserve better than this, and honestly, it’s foolish for me have not explicitly asked for help before this moment.

So, please go contribute your opinion. We need your voice, especially if you have been hesitating to give it. Time to pipe up!

In other news:

alonetone is now hosting over 20,000 tracks. WOW. Wildgeas made the celebration post. Thanks everyone for making alonetone your home, it’s good to have you guys here :)

After months of hard work Ramen Music #01 is out! It contains a lot of music by alonetoners. If anyone wants to check Issue #01 out, you can have a look at my copy here.

If you like it, please do become a subscriber and support the upcoming musicians for #02. Please also feel welcome to pass it around to friends, the more eyes and ears the better! We’re super liberal on sharing, we’re counting on people to subscribe to our steady stream of awesome if they like us.

And, if you want to be a part of #02 the deadline is end of October.


Guest said


Sorry for the question if it's inappropriate - I love the look and feel of AloneTone and wonder if this script is available to use for a website I'm working on? I've been searching for a music-based social-networking site and the artists/musicians portion is a bit hard to find for me, due to my own limitations, but also because of prohibitive costs for customization and features added...

Any help would be great!



Guest said

Sorry, my email addy is creativeforge@gmail.com. The site I'm building is for artists to present their art and themselves, blog, connect and sell their work. I've been supporting my own incarnation of this site for over 8 years, out of pocket, and have been dreaming of expanding it to allow artists more room, almost from the start.

Thanks for any help!


Jean-Luc Thomas

Jean-Luc Thomas said

I'm upset that i cant get notified of someone who responded to me about my comment, or a discussion in comments. (without use of email)

Feels very detached.

Jean-Luc Thomas

Jean-Luc Thomas said

Like say, youtube has the option of replying directly to that person, so it would say, conveniently appear in a different color or sized box under the root comment.

If that's possible, it would make this site dreamy.. who knows how many thank yous and responses i have gotten and i cant even read them cause they are lost in the ether of my emails, if i could just jump on my alone tone, and have it just THAT much more socially enabled. to say "You have (4) responses" at the top of my homepage.

"Alonetone is happy to congratulate you, your song appears to be kicking some serious ass." and it notifies me further that my song is on the ass kicking list.

Stuff like that, you know?

Jean-Luc Thomas

Jean-Luc Thomas said

And, no wonder i don't see a whole lot of your music Sudara, lmao you actually do a lot of big work with the website if that's true.

Love your music, amazing.

Jean-Luc Thomas

Jean-Luc Thomas said

Andre, your idea sounds wonderful, i'll be hopping on there as soon as i can find it, i take it its probably called Creative Forge. as your email suggests.

I thank you and sudara and all the awesome people who really make room for crappy artists like myself to have a little home. that's something ive wanted for such a long long time.

THE DEVIANT ART of music only. and chatting with other musicians. sounds inspirational and something worth fighting for.

to Alonetonestuff: There's something puzzling that pops in my head once in a while, is there a way to limit listen counts? or stop listens from showing up on your own song, people could very very easily cheat to get to the kicking ass section.

I love what i'm so blessed to have here on these websites that are so freedom loving for all artists. its a blessing ,thanks anyone who works on those sites.

( in bigger places as well, its so easy to get drowned out when everyone has better recording quality and better singing and piano and what not.)

Guest said

It would be really nice to make it clear once and for all how the kicking ass list is calculated. I am personally...hmmm..."unentertained" by the occasional suggestion that I keep myself on loop until I achieve total satisfaction. Alonetone is a wonderful social website, where our common interest is homemade music. If you participate fully and support others, you are likely to be supported in return. I think that's one of the most wonderful aspects of this website, but it seems to be one of the best kept secrets.

Mr Sandbags

Mr Sandbags said

@ageshero the kicking ass list is not, in my opinion, fit for purpose any more. When the site (& listener base) was a lot smaller it was interesting and, perhaps, representative. I'd argue it isn't today. I've made the case that some kind of recommendations radio would work better based on who you follow and what they favourite.

That said, addressing your point about cheating: the way the kicking ass list works is that (a) self-listens are not counted at all, and (b) there is a discount based on unique IP addresses. So, in order to "cheat" their way to the top of the list, someone would need to be maintaining a whole bunch of IP addresses and running some kind of scripted listening bot. I can't imagine anyone here would think it was worth the effort.

Personally I am not aware of anyone cheating like this and can't think why they'd do it. How important is it to be there? People either like your stuff or they don't.


Guest said

Self Listens - I do them on a regular basis, but I'm concerned about any list. I can't bring outside physical media to the job. So I load new mixes to site and I can listen and critique as I do my paid work. As was previously mentioned, either others like it or they don't. If they do, I get feedback. The stats on a social site like this are meaningless really. That stated, if I posted track links somewhere else and I was getting plenty of hits, then it might be an indicator I can use but I haven't done that.


thelastbroadcaster said


Jersey Demic

Jersey Demic said

  1. Can you embed playlists if not you should add this....
  2. Get email for download
  3. Also an Iframe embed so that it can play on an iPhone


jhcibils said

Hi, Sudara,

at this moment I'm the biggest "Monster uploader" by alonetone. Thanks for that site! I've collected over years my improvisations and now I can finally let hear them!


José Cibils

Mike Giles

Mike Giles said

Comment on comments? Like buttons? I know it's facebook/myspace stock, but very helpful. Just an idea.. otherwise it's a very useful site. I dig the discography ability.



Why aren't virtually MILLIONS AND MILLIONS listening to my songs? Dammit!


CMOR said

(Volume-Toggle Button)

I'd really like to see a volume-toggle button on each song's player... Some tunes are too quiet, and I have no way of bringing up the level on my computer... Other tracks are too big of a sound, and it sometimes pulverizes my poor ear drums before I can pull the headphones off, or farther away...

Joseph Anthony Alizio Jr.

Joseph Anthony Alizio Jr. said

I Just Got Here.
Looks Good.
Open New Window
With The PLayer Edit Would Be Cool.
Thats Me. Back Spacing Through Life.



alexisfromtexas said

I do hesitate to make this comment on the forum, but I want to let you know that I have been listening to artists on alonetone this morning. It's been a few years since I joined, and I went away for a long while due to life happenings. Last night and today, because I am home sick and needed some music, I checked back in. I was, for the most part, really enjoying the variety of talent. I posted my thoughts for quite a few of the artists as a sign of encouragement and enthusiasm for their abilities. However, I just came across one alonetoner, Fundamentally Flawed, whose got about a 12 minute podcast that I found offensive. If this is what it's coming to, I'd like to remove myself. The "F" word showed up rather quickly. It's not music, so why is it here. Oh, yeah, you just said you can't do this alone.

Guest said


the mystery tramp

the mystery tramp said

Yo in Extremis
I think I LOVE Alonetone, Sudara...the whole ting just suits me right down to the groun. I was introduced to this site by fellow genius Lady Jane, and it's had a better impact on me than other sites have lately, although Reverb and Sc were pretty hot at the time...I've been hasslin the Web for a couple of years now, but this site has more of a welcoming, personal touch than the others.