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Celebrate with us: 10,000 tracks on alonetone!

- posted by Sudara on September 10, 2009 - 32 comments -

Earlier this week, alonetone surpassed 10,000 tracks.

That just wows me. Wow.

If you loaded up alonetone and listened to every song in a row, you’d be kept busy 24 hours a day for pretty much a full month!

I’ve made so many new friends, heard so many new sounds, ran into some amazing music, had so much positive feedback on both the site and my music that I need to say thank you everyone for hanging out, sharing your music, letting me know when you run into glitches and bugs, and just in general being a wonderful group of people.

I want to celebrate. Anyone else?

I’m thinking the following: We make September the official ‘show your love to alonetone artists’ month and choose one of the following:

1) Cover and/or Remix a song of your choice by an alonetone artist. Be sure to get the artist’s permission of course. Maybe send them a private comment asking. I’d be willing to bet most would be honored, but it’s always polite to ask!


2) Create a playlist of your favorite songs from alonetoner artists and publish it. For those with 100s of favorites this could be a real job!

Do one of these two things then post a comment here pointing us to your track or playlist and we’ll feature the results in October. Oh, and one person participating and posting here by the last day of September will be randomly chosen to win a Very Special To Be Announced alonetone prize :)

Thank you guys and gals again!

another cultural landslide

another cultural landslide said

10,000. Wow. This is stunning. Absolutely stunning.


brando said

Well Sudara, you made it happen. I'm going to go find me a drink and raise it to you.


glu said

Speechless. The only thing I can say right now is a big fat THANK YOU to Sudara! and THANK YOU to all who help make this place so wonderful!


childhoodsend said

Woo hoo!! Another step in the process. [where are we going by the way??] I think I'll join you in a celebration!!!

Can you make a special page for the mixes(albums) or sings that result??


Sudara said

@childhoodsend: Yup! Just post the link here, and after the end of the month I'll collect them all on a fancy pants page.

Guest said

Oh how fantastic!
Congratulations, Sudara - you have created a wonderful, magical place.
Here's to another 10k! Tess x


kirklynch said

How cool is that? This is a very special place- thanks Sudara!!

Guest said

What a good idea, to commemorate Sudara's fantastic achievement.
Many congratulations to Sudara for this wonderful place and putting us all in touch with each other. You have changed my life! xx


moschell said

10,000! Very cool! Glad I could add a couple of drops to that bucket. Excellent work being done here. Thanks for making it all happen!

Guest said

Bethan Mathis celebrates 10k with this playlist:

Guest said

Bethan Mathis celebrates 10k with this playlist:


ShamPain said

keep on going people and hear are some of my favs

Wildgeas Music

Wildgeas Music said


to win a Very Special To Be Announced alonetone prize

I have it from a reliable inside source that this prize will be that piano you busted up....... I mean, sampled :D

@ the rest of you, I don't want to get all cornball on ya, but you folks proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks about synthesizers and REVERB!!!

This community has become an asset to my home recording projects. I hear everything here. Even the kitchen sink! I am very happy to be a contributor and a dedicated listener.

Thanks Suds, I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say, we appreciate your efforts.

I hope I'm here to see 10,000 artists.



ShamPain said

forgot the link


Gumbo said

Wow! That's like glu x50!!!


glu said

haha, that's hilarious Gumbo! Was just informed that I comprise about 3% of the site uploads.. last year I was maybe 10%.. so this place has grown quite a bit this year! I'm unable to keep up with the total site growth, which is great! So much great music has found a home on alonetone over the past year.


kavin. said

Congrats to everyone! I haven't been here as much as I'd like lately, but this is without a doubt my favorite music place on the web, so much great music and music makers!

Megafauna Lacrimosa

Megafauna Lacrimosa said

Congrats to all! We love the community here - nothing better than getting praise from fellow musicians on musical ideas. Up here in SF we're all in transition this weekend, but hopefully we'll have time to finish up a cover or two of some of our AT favorites.


dougsparling said

Thank you Sudara...I can honestly say I get all my creative juices from alonetone. I'm not sure I even would be recording any more if I hadn't found alonetone. Well done!


igor said

Congratulations for your creation that rise. P.S. Waiting for a native iPhone app


mmi said

Now that the excitement has died down. Allow me to be the first of the second wave of folks saying:

Holy crap! Congratulations! A truly wonderful home you've built for us. My deepest and warmest thanks.

Guest said

My 10k playlist is here:

Spent many many happy hours on this, though it was incredibly hard to get the tracks down to 25... Consider this a double CD! And Vol 2 is already almost complete.

(I love Alonetone.)

Guest said

Er, 26!


Sudara said

Hey hey!

Partially out of greed (I've been traveling the last 2 weeks and want to participate) and partially out of common sense, the "deadline" for getting your cover tune or mix is extended.

You have until October 15th. The Prize will be announced this weekend, keep your ears open :)


K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Thanks so much for the fine venue; I celebrate with you, friend.

: )


mmi said

Here's my contribution to the playlist-fest.

Da Faves

Yeah, it's long and yeah it's eclectic. Sue me.

Guest said

Hi all! here are my 26 treasures:

lsf's salute


glu said

woah, six days left folks!!!!


ShamPain said

just 6 days is right. I am so pleased I found this site

Guest said

Okay! I finished my version of Benjamin Wuamett's Finuto:




glu said

Here's my alonetone compilation! I forgot to make it a 'public' -- how selfish of me.
Rhythmically DELISH volume III


Pasha said

Thank you. Even if I'm new, I'm here because this place is really a comfortable home for musicians. Thank you for making it so good.
I can't think of a better place to share my music.