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New Features & Maintainer!

- posted by Sudara on April 19, 2015 - 2 comments -

Hello, and welcome to the first and perhaps only blog post of 2015 :)

We’ve been quietly doing some maintenance and feature development the last few months. This is in large part thanks to wioux who has stepped up and become the main alonetone dev.

So far he’s done a ton of behind the scenes maintenance in prep for some truly awesome features.

You may have noticed that you can now seek and scan through tracks on alonetone! Look for the orange progress bar after pressing play.

In addition, we’re improving comment notification emails and will be fixing a few features that have fallen out of date over time.

Also, here is a preview of another secret alonetone-backed thing we are slowly working on.

Keep on music-making! Post music early, Post music often.