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New Server up. Donations now welcome!

- posted by Sudara on May 21, 2010 - 5 comments -

Hi there!

A lot of things have changed for me personally in the last weeks (I moved to Vienna, quit my full time job, made friends with an imaginary hamster….) - so of course something changed with alonetone too: We’re now on new servers. There was a glitch for a few days with some email being sent out to larger US ISPs, so if you had any email problems from alonetone, blame me! (I’m sorry!)

In response to popular request (as well as increased costs, as our servers are no longer free) we are now accepting donations.

Rather than explain it here, I’ll let you pop over to the new donate page:


In other news, the no-longer-so-secret project is moving along nicely and hopefully I’ll have something launched and to show everyone shortly. You can follow @ramenmusic on twitter if you are interested in this new project.

That’s it! Now that I’m back to consulting, I have much more time to work on alonetone and build out Ramen Music, so look forward to some new paint and bells and whistles shortly.



K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

My best to you; thanks for all of your good work.

'wish I was in a better place $-wise, so as to be able to contribute.



Sudara said

Thanks to the folks who've donated so far! It warms my heart (and keeps the servers happily humming).

@K. Scot,
No worries, I appreciate your well wishes!

Lee Rosevere

Lee Rosevere said

I'm flying the idea to have alonetone artists record an exclusive track for a compilation - and I'll collect the tunes and email the mp3 album to anyone who donates, like $10 to alonetone (just send me a copy of the receipt).

Anyone interested please email me at happypuppyrecords@yahoo.com ...thanks!

Guest said

give money to sudara. he loves us