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The new alonetone store & 10k prize winners!

- posted by Sudara on December 02, 2009 - 4 comments -

Hi there!

Inspired by a handful of crazy alonetoners who decided to home-brew their own alonetone t-shirts (you know who you are!)…

…the official-as-it-is-going-to-get alonetone store:

I was going to try and hold out on announcing it until my first order arrived and I could guarantee that everything was in order, that the product was sweet, etc….but…I want to give the non-USA alonetoners a chance to order some goods before christmas (still waiting on my order, as shipping to EU/UK and other places takes a good week.)

As mentioned on the store: all prices are at cost. Some of the t-shirts are rather expensive, in my opinion, but this is at cost, and supposedly the quality is decent. Also: Have a better design/idea for a shirt? I’m all ears (eyes?)


Each of those awesome individuals who cooked up playlists and/or cover tunes for the 10k celebration - Thank you! You guys each get an alonetone shirt (or cup if you like!) on me. Email me your physical address to sudara@alonetone.com and tell me which item you want!

10K Playlists:

Wildgeas Celebrates alonetone

Bethan Celebrates 10k

10000 and rising by Alan

Da Faves by mmi

glu presents: Rhythmically Delish Vol III Alonetone Compilation

Last but not least, montgomeru recorded an amazing rendition of Finuto by Benjamin Wuamett, one of the very first tracks to be uploaded to alonetone. (I think actually the 2nd song to be uploaded that wasn’t my own track!). Check it out:


I’m still working on a big update to speed up a bunch of the pages. It is going to be awesome fast when I’m done. I’ve pushed out a bunch of small fixes over the last week to the forums, and improved the spam-catching filters (it was catching too many valid comments). As always, leave feedback on the forums or email me if something is bugging you.


another cultural landslide

another cultural landslide said

Way cool... way way cool! Excellent T-shirts - and excellent playlists, y'all! Kudos to all! (and of course, kudos to Mr. S - and alonetone itself!

k & w ;-)

Wildgeas Music

Wildgeas Music said

This is a code mistake or something right?

I feel like I won a freakin' Grammy. I am deeply humbled.
Thanks guys and gals, especially M.T., Loet, Mark, Robert and the Crazy Handful.

@ Suds, I can't say enough man. Thanks for everything.

Happy Holidays,


Sudara said

Hey folks,
Just a heads up that if you want an alonetone t-shirt, mug, or totebag in delivered in time for christmas, the shipping deadline is coming up: December 15th is the order deadline for standard US shipping, Canadians and UK folks have until the 13th to ship standard and the 18th to ship express.

More Details Here


ShamPain said

see everyone in the tshirt team in the chat room. I lnew my tshirt idea was a good one lol