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Visions of Nell

The chorus is adapted from “O Death Rock Me Asleep”, by Anne Boleyn, while imprisoned in the Tower of London, probably already waiting for her execution.

you cut the shape of a heart
with a knife so dirty
it would shame my sister if she knew
funny my skin is still tender
despite your cruelty
but then it was meant for you
do you walk on the water
and hot coals too
burn your bridges along with your witches
do you believe the preacher’s song
cut my wrists on these bad thoughts
while I wait for you to decide what is true
toll on toll on
you passing bell (so long so long)
ring out ring out
my doleful knell (so long so long)
you’re not in league with the devil
his grace is good
burns his books like any good hypocrite should
we live by the preacher’s sword
cut my wrists on this bed of thorns
while I wait for you to decide what to do
toll on toll on
you passing bell (so long so long)
ring out ring out
my passing tell

(Tolar & Savigear 2010)

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Wildgeas Music said

Best guitar player on the planet.

jip said

Really enjoyed listening to these songs. Thanks.

520 said

This reminds me heavily of evanescence. And i like this just as much as I liked the song Nobody’s Fool, which is to say a hell of a lot :D Great song!

Guest said


thetworegs said

Beautiful voice.

ghst said

guyyysss, this collab is great! really developed and smooth. everything works well together. i am really impressed by your collaboration. keep it up, please.

A Bit More Better Productions said

ooh haunty.

K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

So nice. ‘love the opening. : )

launched said

Oh, I could have missed this one with the new account and all.

Not much to say here except “Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!”

Brilliant minds = Excellent music!

Yes - I love it.

yelyah said

looking forward to more!

Guest said

Etheral , very cool !!! Great match of voice to music, enhance each other !!

Johnny Stone said

Very cool I look forward to hearing more collabs from the two of you. This is great.

SonicLuke said

Oh cool! It is like a supergroup!!

sixmilewide said

Nice to see you guys are goin to do some more stuff together, cant wait!!. Always a pleasure

Guest said

Woah, how exciting! Here’s to the partnership, two fantastically talented people, good luck to you. x

AMUC said

Nice. I like how it starts rocking out at about the two minute mark and then again at 2:50. (Sweet guitar solo..)

The Culprits said

That is superb. Definitely faved and following! This is much better than my wife’s usual stuff. ;~)


Guest said

cool stuff.

Wildgeas Music said

I’m looking forward to more from you two. This is real exciting :)

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