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sings, in three-part harmony

“Four-hour boner dot commmm”

Shards of a Broken Ship in a Bottle

Littering my workspace now, on top of all the other conflicting elements, are shards of a broken ship in a bottle, obscured by clouds.

I’m struggling mostly with the “Gestalt” theory of the evolution of the artistic process. “Gestalt” is German, I believe; and embodies the spirit of “the Whole is Greater than the Sum of it’s Parts”, which I learned much earlier in my life but have never really gone to great lengths to explore.

But in this day and age of unlimited ( virtually ) recording time & unlimited hard drive space, it’s been hard for me to nail things down. On this track, “Three Way Tie for Last,” I decided to limit the length of the track to seven-and-a-half minutes, which helps reign things in from the problems I had recording the “Knockin’ Boots with the Two-Bit Grifter Sisters” full-length L.P.

Basically, though, I’m running into production problems nailing down the number of instruments allowed, the number of takes of each instrument, grouping & rendering sets of tracks into stereo mixdowns, and basically all the major problems you can expect when there is no upper limit to the amount of Stem mixes you end up with, and it just seems like now, there’s an insistent need for me to lay down “just one more reverse-reverbed cymbal track”, or “I know; let’s try muting the guitar that we thought was so great & give it another listen”, kinds of issues.

Will I ever sweep up the shards? Your guess is as good as mine. Will I ever find another pillow as good as the pillow I kissed good night at the end of “Three Way Tie for Last?” Who knows. Will I ever find another bottle to put the ship in? Or maybe the next bottle will already have a ship in it. Hmm…

Please Help Me Hear You

I am peering at you guys in AloneTone through a chrono-synclastic infundibulator, which has opened up a time portal into the year 2017 from my vantage point here in the Steam Punk Boiler Room - Room 152.

Things are a bit weird here in 2009. We completed the RPM Challenge by changing our names to Jack Merlot ( songwriting credits ) to Ping Merlot ( finger cymbals & related percussion ) to Ake Kappatsu on the analog modeling synthesizer, while leaving the guitar work & the Taming of the Yamaha Drum Druid to our good friend Miroslav Doppelbock.

Miroslav just got back from a trip to the Ukraine, where he was able to complete a highly dangerous mission to plant a rootkit on a server running the Ukrainian Botnet core services ( Command & Control ) channel op. The channel op was able to be untarred the whole thing, so Miroslav made a backup copy of the Botnet Core Services Subversion repository including all source code, documentation, & meta-data as well as an archived of compiled binaries that existed for a variety of platforms.

When Miroslav got back to us here at the Steam Punk Boiler Room in the year 2009, he was especially delighted to find out that we’d been waiting for him to come by so he could comp some tracks on the stratocaster & lay down some tasty beats with the Yamaha Drum Druid ( DD-55c ). Jack Merlot sang as best as he could & probably overdid some of the vocal harmonizing portions of the RPM Challenge 2009 album “Orchids for Betty”, which was truly a blast to record.

So, without further ado, our 2009 picks are:

Around & Aboot

Iris Florentine

Skeleton Key 73

I hope all is well with AloneTone 2017 - I’ll have to see if we can retrofit the botnet with temporal vertices, so we can tilt time on it’s access while the chrono-synclastic infundibulator is active.

Alonetone for me.

Me ( ) and Word60 ( ) have been working on a lot of music ( mp3 files ) so we can have them both for our personal libraries & be able to upload them to AloneTone.

We’d have somethings going on with YouTube but YouTube seems to demand .mp4 files, not .mp3 obviously but we’ve tried a few ways to convert .mp3 files into .mp4 using stuff like ffmpeg or VLC player.

So far no luck so Word60 is a little disappointed that he isn’t on YouTube, but I keep telling him to focus on word60/tracks listing here at AloneTone & he’ll probably thank me later.

Now I might on the other hand want to go install iTunes on my Linux computer now to see if I can get my AloneTone playlist listed on iTunes… but I’m lazy so probably not.

Band Name suggestions

“One hand clapping / in the Sycamore trees / while you’re out mapping the coast” - Jack Merlot

Have you lost some weight or something?

Hey, Sudara!

I wasn’t here when you did all the streamlining & I feel good that you were able to soldier on without me because I love what you’ve done with the place.

Now that I’m back, I couldn’t help but notice that stuff I didn’t realize was there, like some commenting features & user-interface decisions, are truly awesome to use & I just wanted to say thanks for taking such good care of this place.

World War Nine
a.k.a. Jack Merlot
in collaboration with Word60
& soon to be seen Toby Lucien

Let there be theremin

I can telll you that I collect butterflies, and that my favorite specimen is named theremin lepidoptera, which you have to promise me not to tell anyone or make fun of me because I’m into that sort of thing.

But real theremins are really spooky yet beautiful, in the hands of a suitable performer.

How do you go about creating different musical personas in Alonetone?

Well, this post has now gone & exacerbated my schizo self. But that’s the price you pay, for getting new ideas about how to handle multiple personalities.

I started as Jack Merlot but now I’m releasing some stuff under World War 9. I kind of fell off there for a while & lost my password again, so just decided to make the WW9 account since I have a new email addy anyways.

creative writing and poetry forum

I sure did used to enjoy the R. Daniele Olivaw ( sp? ) series of robot novels. I like some Philip K. Dick for sure & I’ve always been a fan of Robert A. Heinlein, but Asimov’s Robot universe & Foundation Universe are always just plain fascinating for me.

Reply to Bethan Mathis And Sister Savage

I can still see the deleted post? Maybe I need untar whole thing.