One Man Rock Band™

One Man Rock Band™

from Whittier, US

About "King Kong!"

The song King Kong is all about challenging the Foo Fighters to write a HARDER rock tune about overcoming FEAR. Today, I am submitting “Foo Fighters! meet KING KONG!” to them.

The Foo Fighters have been a huge inspiration to me from day one when The Foo Fighters was Dave Grohl alone. In a recent interview Grohl said: “If you are passionate, driven, focussed, and really fucking good, people will take notice. It’s that simple.”

With that in mind, today marks the day when my band, The One Man Rock Band, points it’s passion, drive and focus right back into the world and directly at Foo Fighters. I have been scared to death to widely share it thinking it’s just not good enough. But, it’s time for me to face my own fear with a fearless send off.

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