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Bizarre Italian rock and roll nonsense song by Adriano Celentano.
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Bob Campbell: Lyrics, Vocals Jorge Paulo: Guitars, Bass Tony Wolsey: Drums Steffen Offermann: Original Music & Production
James Michael Taylor said

You asked me who Jack Hardy was…He was a friend of mine, now gone. Beloved by many. This was a bit of teasing him, imitating how he sang. He and I shared a mutual respect. The first time I met him I was sitting under an awning at the Kerrville Folk Festival and he pulled up a chair and said, “Sing me a song.” We were buddies from then on. The day he would arrive at Kerrville was always joyfully anticipated, not just because he made such great spigot. Here is a link to more about him:

This is the final version of 'The Shopper' that I uploaded a few weeks ago. Sorry for all the re-ups, it just took a lot of time and revisions (and the 'replace file' thing isn't working) Thanks for all the previous comments.
Brett Warren said

thanks, man

well that's more like it now you'all can like it !! the strange endings are to tell me if you hang long enough to tell or I am lazy.
Jason H. Austin said

nice-cool ending

"Klingon Death Chant" would be more pervish fun would have been. wont. fuckers. will be fuckers. whatever. gimp.
fudgetusk said

Like fifty trains all crashing into a egg of translucent sound

fudgetusk said

like pouring honey onto a giant cement bee

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listen to bloodline by sosix
I remastered this one that got deleted a while ago, still too much stuff in it but keeps rabbits outta the garden when i crank it on exterior speakers outside.
Jason Earls
Still struggling with software. a curse perhaps.
I love this one. Original music by Steve Krell.