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Ron said

Beautiful! love the chorus

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Guest said

Your song was incredible, you are such a gifted and blessed artist.

I have always loved The St. Gertrude Prayer and you have made it come alive. Thank you for making my day.

Please pray for my son who passed away 4/7/16 and my mother on 7/18/17. Thank you again, I am a new fan!

Matt Ferrara
Matt Ferrara said

This is just lovely

Paul Lisney
Paul Lisney said

To Guest (76,230,60,205)
I will pray for all your intentions. Don’t despair, Our Lord is kind and merciful and has already atoned for your sins and mine! Rejoice and be glad! He will see that your loved ones and all those your sins affected will have the grace to come to Him. Be at peace!

Jason H. Austin
Jason H. Austin said