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Guest said

fuckin awesome song but why didn’t you sing the last 2 lines?

vaisvil said

very beautiful vocal, production. Very sweet sound!

Guest said

Lovely James. What a blessing to cheer up my down morning.

Guest said

And ALL of that… I remember when my boys first came to CA. They were late teens, and early 20s. I took them to see Sunset cliffs. If you don’t know it, it’s easy to imagine: a sweeping vista of sky, sea and pelicans on a postcard. We got out, walked around… they said nothing, somber faces, withdrawn. “I step out of my car/ I don’t know where we are…” It seemed the oddest thing at the time, but I knew this is what they were feeling. This song carries the magnificence of arrival in a beautiful new world. Or when my mother drove my sister & I from OK to CA to join my dad during the Korean War. Somewhere in New Mexico along Rt 66 we pulled over to sleep for a few hours. I woke up at dawn before anyone else, to discover the windshield of the car was filled with an enormous glowing ball. At age 6, I had never seen anything like this sun. I hardly knew what it was. This song was written for such moments. A beautiful, beautiful song. And those guitars in the middle are liquid light. Thank you for thinking of me in relation to this. I will always feel a tiny bit it belongs to me.

marapovamusic said

Bad Ass Song. This shit is too wavy, Shun Hybrid keep it up. You will blow