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IBE + Acid Pro


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This was the second piece to be put together for the RPM. Although was also the last one to actually get finished.

A collab with long time music partner Brett.

For this one my experimentation started with a plugin/sample pack designed for heavy metal drums. Also a particular plugin I had not used before.
And some new ideas for creating the sound for the bass line (layered instruments, etc)

Sent the drums stems to my partner and he completely flipped it on its head… Starting the track with a synth part and adding other percussion layers before bringing in my original hats & cymbals rhythm. Kept my original bass line.
My other original drum parts were mostly replaced by a much more electronic and sparse beat.
I developed Brett’s original synth and bass-synth parts and added synth ‘orchestral’ parts.

The result is a dramatic and envolving piece that keeps you on the edge of your seat!

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This is Good!!

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