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This time an experimental journey into soft glitch and noise inspired music.

I was inspired to create a glitch/noise music piece by the sounds in this Freesound pack:
created by Hewn.Marrow

Auditioned the sounds and seleced a few that could work well intermixed with the kind of music piece I was trying to create.
Then there was some trial and error involved to get the sounds to sit right in and flow with the music piece. However, I must admit it was easier than I expected. No doubt because I had an idea of what I wanted to do to begin and that idea guided the selection of a short list of sounds to work with.

The beats were loops from Loopmasters and I did not change them much. For the end of th epiece I used a really old VST plugin (32-bit only, LOL) for the lead-synth.
Who says you need the latest gear / plugins?

The whole piece was put together during about 2 days.

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