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The first piece created for the RPM 2023…

I have a cheap mp3 player and I used the fast-forward function to cut up some speech into small words and phonemes.
The intention was to create an experimental piece, containing glitches and cut up words. Imspired by the kind of sounds you hear when moving the frequency dial on an analogue radio and zooming past different stations.
Indeed, that is how the piece starts…

Amongst the speech clip I was working with was the word “Ukraine”, which popped up in the cut-up sections.

Although I was initially planning to create a more experimental piece, involving glitches and cut up bits of words. The appearance of the word ‘Ukraine’ took me in a different direction. The piece developed a more serious tone with the introduction of orchestral sounds.

As I said, this was the first piece I made for RPM this year. In my rush to finish and submit everything I almost forgot about it.
It was only when I was going ‘mastering’ the piece “Speech Problems” that I remembered I had this piece ready also.

Although the piece went in a different and more serious direction from what I initially planned, I think the experimental aspect that I wanted to have accross all pieces this year is well represented.
The pieece does start with glitches and cut up speech, contains other ‘odd’ elements such as sounds from beatboxing, develops to a more serious tone where orchestral and synth parts interplay and intermingle whilst still maintaining very odd percussion elements going on.
The electric bass is very non-intrusive in the early parts of the piece, and absent throughout most of the piece. Comes back at the end with a different processing that brings out a delcious buzzy tone, which is nonetheless soft and pleasing.

I think you can tell I am very pleased with this piece. - I hope you like it too!

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