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Left By the Road

Day 13

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The only way to decide this bet
Is having you concede your place to me
Even though you’ve met your fate
You didn’t come to play the game for free

Well, there’s a limit, and you’ll find
You’re not gonna win it, every time

You won’t believe the end has come
And you didn’t want to hear that from me
You never know just what to say
So, you just get up and walk away from me

I gave you time to come around
Let you know you’re in it
Without a doubt

You only want to place the blame on me
You only saw what you wanted to see

Said I left you by the road
But they know I only tried to set you free
I never heard you say “I’m sorry babe”
When you reach your limit, you just call it a day

Well, there’s a limit, and you will find
I’m telling you that I’ve reached mine
I won’t let you change my mind

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