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Sea of Life with Chris Hierro


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Music composed by Elisabeth Roberts, my lyrics, vocals by Chris Hierro

Sea of Life
2020© by John Schofield

Under skies of faded denim
On a sea of sparkling green
My little sailboat brought me here
From where it was I’d been

The journal of my journey
Tells the tale of just how far
Myself and I have travelled
From who we were to who we are

Through storms and reefs and breathless calms
I’ve seen mighty cities and swaying palms
I’ve looked the devil in the eye
Seen kindness that would make you cry
As I’ve sailed upon this magic sea of life

Progress is much slower now
With many twists and many bends
As the course of life meanders
From where it starts to where it ends

Repeat Chorus

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ravencrowe said

wow...this is should master the sound ..this is beautiful

Guest said

Beautiful work. Lyrics fit the music perfectly. Great feeling.

Guest said

I just listened to this song again—probably for the 1,000th time! So often when I hear the verse that begins with “progress is much slower now,” I get a vision of my father as he became weaker and weaker following his Parkinson’s diagnosis. These lyrics really are something we all can personalize in one way or another. ~ Elisabeth

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