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09 The Unwilling Warriors

A Beautiful Scene

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Lyrics and music written by This Wretched Vessel’s DB
Used with permission

DB might be able to give a better explanation, but in this context:

We all have purpose, she is getting to know that her living punishment for her actions are extreme. That voice reminds her that she still has a purpose and reason for being. She shouldn’t be the reason everyone walks on eggshells around her.
She needs to be better than the life she was living… no matter how hard and unwilling she may have been.

There’s no reason to worry
Cause hell hath no fury
Like this, Like this
Don’t forget your purpose
Cause your never worthless
Like this, Like this

I’m a vessel put on the ground
Don’t be the reason no ones around
I’m a vessel put on the ground
Don’t be the reason no one makes a sound

Verse two
You don’t really know how
This hellfire consumes me
Like this, Like this
The bottle keeps winning
I’m so tired of losing
Like this, Like this

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