from Worcester, MA, United States

She Caught Skyglow With Her Net (2018)

16 tracks by AMUC

AMUC's 2018 RPM Challenge Album. Best genre classification? Chiptunes Cyberpunk Folktronica? Credit information :



Motion Blurs & Broken Glass (2017)

13 tracks by AMUC

Alternate Modes Of Underwater Consciousness album for 2017 RPM Challenge. Grunge-era ambient chiptunes done by the Amish during their Gothic phase. Sample info can be found here :



Polychromatic Paramnesia (2016)

11 tracks by AMUC

AMUC album for the 2016 RPM Challenge. Optimized for headphones, but it sounded reasonably good through speakers too. ---- 40 Minutes Of digitally-rendered chromesthesia. Please check all sanity at the door before listening. It will be stored in a brown paper bag and returned to you once the audio recording has completed. AMUC is not responsible for any paper bags that may be lost or stolen.


Her Low Budget Nightmare (2015)

16 tracks by AMUC

AMUC's RPM Challenge Album for 2015. It contains the following : ninja penguins, cowboy robots, shoddy attempts at disco by somebody too young to remember it, 16 bit game music, and a binary-inspired rap breakdown. Oh -- and there are some nightmare-themed tracks as well, but they are fairly low budget, since most of expenditures went into acquiring the robots mentioned above. Cover art contains stock image from here : Audio sample information will be added soon.


Chasing Ghosts [RPM 2014] (2014)

13 tracks by AMUC

This is AMUC's 2014 RPM Challenge Album. Things took a vocal electronica turn this year. (A couple of the tracks almost have a new age sound to them.) There are also a few obligatory 'hard rock vocals over Nintendo game music' songs. The vocalist also happens to never make any sense. (I don't even think he knows what he is singing about half the time.) Sample information and lyrics to be posted shortly. On a sidenote, the album sounds pretty good through speakers, but is optimized for headphones.



Shatter The Glass With Dialed Sand (2013)

13 tracks by AMUC

AMUC's RPM Challenge album for 2013. I'm happy with the production this year, but it's kind of brief in terms of playing time (27 minutes). We used lots of copyleft audio samples - I do aim to post the source info when I have a second.



4 tracks by AMUC

The name says it all - Piecemeal is a work in progress. I'm trying to let the album take shape naturally, sculpting the songs as if they were clay. It's a bit of departure from previous AMUC full-length albums. "Nada" was just a loose collection of songs with no theme, and "Dead In The Water" may have been a little too planned out from beginning to end. I'm trying to find a happy balance here.