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Days At A Time

A. P. Hebert

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Went to your house a few times after school
We’d watch MTV or sit by the pool
And always it was clear to see
As the sun would go down, your beauty

When you’re a teenager, each day’s the same
Eat, bathe then sleep, it warms to think of that way.
It was hard to keep track, the ways that we grew
When you’d come back so tan

I had a girlfriend, but it was tough for me
When your mom would knock, to say bye and leave
You were in my dreams; I think you knew the whole thing
We never said a word

I should have kissed you one afternoon
If just for the rush, for when you’re in your bedroom
Turning out the light, thinking of the next day
Of weekends, and friends and the right words to say
If just for the memory that we could share
Of when I was still skinny and you had long hair

I’d say I went back and did most things I missed
From when I was younger, checked off a short list
But my thoughts come back to you some times
Some times days at a time

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Nick P said

Very nice!

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