Backyard Ghost

Backyard Ghost

from Chicago, United States

The Snowman (2009)

2 tracks by Backyard Ghost

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Nine Eternities Of Doom!
A Process Where Parts Of Your Skull Are Drilled To Make Holes So The Evil Spirits Residing In Your Head May Leave

The Lady Or The Tiger (2010)

7 tracks by Backyard Ghost

Soon To Be Released


Welcome Space Overlords!
The Dance Of Death
Dark Electronica Washed With Distant Voices And Unseen Things In The Night
This Song Is About A Severe Illness Where You Truly Believe The People You Know And Love Have Been Replaced By Machines Or Evil Entities

The worry Circuit (2009)

2 tracks by Backyard Ghost

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Loss Of Identity,Blending,Fading,Meshing In With The Forgotten
You Can See Your Home In The Hazy Distance But No Matter What You Can Never Get Any Coser

Suburban Suicides (2007)

2 tracks by Backyard Ghost

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When You Worship Her Like A Goddess And She Feels Nothing But Cruel Disdain For You
Summoning Demons And Other Things That Go Bump In The Night