Breaking Light

Breaking Light

from Valles Marineris, Mars

March into Wonder

6 tracks by Breaking Light

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Stuff and colabs March 2017


Breaking Light-RUU4ik?

9 tracks by Breaking Light

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RPM Challenge 2017 album


Live at Westide

4 tracks by Breaking Light

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rehearsal and live tracks for gig at Westside Unitarian Universalist Church


Breaking Light-Intruder-RPM2014

10 tracks by Breaking Light

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For RPM2014 Fretless guitar, acoustic laptop, drone, noise, quiet minimals and shortys



Out of Pocket (live)

4 tracks by Breaking Light

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Live at Hip Pocket Theater 6/27/15 Not one of my best sets (spot the mistakes!) but I like the reggae section in part 2.


Library Light

4 tracks by Breaking Light

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live at Benbrook (Texas) Public Library


Backyard Ambient (Live)

5 tracks by Breaking Light

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live at Hip Pocket Theater August 23, 2014


Breaking Light-Small Steps (live)

5 tracks by Breaking Light

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Live at Shipping and Receiving in Fort Worth, Tx. On the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moonwalk. And my first use of the Boomerang pedal!


Summer Sunday in a Year-Breaking Light

8 tracks by Breaking Light

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Live stuff, colabs, experiments from early 2014


Dreaming Trees

7 tracks by Breaking Light

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Stuff created from Jul-Nov. 2013


In Twilight Dissolving (Live Breaking Light)

4 tracks by Breaking Light

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Some live stuff at the local theater. Outside venue, if you listen hard you can hear the cicadas.


12/13 favorites

12 tracks by Breaking Light

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Well the favorites button is still broke. So I'll make a playlist, if it will do that.



delta layer substrate

14 tracks by Breaking Light

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Recent Sound-In submissions, gig rehearsals, gear tests, live stuff.


Pareidolia (2009)

15 tracks by Breaking Light

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A collection of tracks from the LUCID and Shadows Fall eps, now a cd that I give away/sell at gigs. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant.


BL Live @ Buon Giorno

5 tracks by Breaking Light

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Ross Reitzammer plays flute and recorder on 3 & 4.


Breaking Light - Proto-Sapien (2010)

12 tracks by Breaking Light

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The latest batch. Spirit and thought conscience in sonic form.


Breaking Light-Adjacent Lines

6 tracks by Breaking Light

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Some experiments, remixes, rehearsals and live stuff. As always.


Breaking Light live at Arts Goggle 2011

2 tracks by Breaking Light

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live at Landers Machine Shop for Arts Goggle in Fort Worth 5/14/11


Breaking Light-LUCID (2009 RPM Challenge) (2009)

10 tracks by Breaking Light

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Recorded during the first week of February 2009 for the RPM Challenge. Where it all started for BL!


Live Light Dec. 2010

3 tracks by Breaking Light

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thanks for being weird and listening


Breaking Light (and friends)-PHASES (live) RPM2011

7 tracks by Breaking Light

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Myself, Michelangelo and Ross gathered at a local coffeeshop on Feb. 19 to improvise for two hours. The best bits are here, an album for the RPM Challenge.


Breaking Light > Live at Witch's Night Out (2009)

5 tracks by Breaking Light

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WNO at First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church in Fort Worth Oct. 24,2009. My first opportunity to do BL in a large room. I think I was having a better time than the audience, note the complete lack of applause. tech: recorded with Edirol R09 to wav, then to Logic, up volume, some compression, add Church space setting.


Breaking Light-Live in the Deep Field (RPM Challenge) (2010)

5 tracks by Breaking Light

Deep field live rpm large

Recorded live at a coffee shop in Fort Worth Feb. 26, 2010 for the RPM Challenge. Thanks to Ross Reitzammer for playing flute. If you can hang with this for the entirety, you deserve a big cookie.



Breaking Light - appstract

7 tracks by various alonetone artists

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Little sound experiments with music apps on my iPod Touch.


Live Light 2010 (2010)

14 tracks by Breaking Light

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excerpts from live performances.