60 tracks by Brett Warren

This is the final version of 'The Shopper' that I uploaded a few weeks ago. Sorry for all the re-ups, it just took a lot of time and revisions (and the 'replace file' thing isn't working) Thanks for all the previous comments.
A Post-Punk-y/New Wave-y Genesis cover I've wanted to do for some time. Lover's Leap... in fabulous mono.
lyrics for james... mostly just jibberish train of thought Women thumpin and gumpin, I say jump in I've been seaside and jumpin a-gonna hit that a runnin, you say you'd be too be I heard a new kind of warning, he say go babe go babe…read more
Lembeck is staying (here, of course) *string, brass and percussion samples by Versilian Chamber Orchestra 2, Sonatina, Ixox, Iowa and DVS sax
(than the sheer dismay)
last song of the album, thanks for listening.
where houses they float by me
Decided to take it off the album, but I'll keep this up a while. Not sure what I was going for here.
do you ponder?
Do I have to wake today? will I have to go to hell? well, the seasons in the sub are close and toasty lover come on and try me if you will Second season in the sub I could rest you above oh, fleeting happiness of ages passed somber, homeless…read more
sat at dinner eating pasta with...
So glad you could make it.
and you, again
The sun in my mouth the leaf on my back the crown on my tree forever let alone in reverie can't you see her
that maitre 'd his magazine
and then I wanna be you
Well, of course you are.
fallin' over the same old questions
in my...
Cindy's cousin... now with vocals. Wee.
Happy little trees. Unused track from the recording of AM Fever. remixed, chopped up, backwards... mildly salvaged.
and I still sleep at your parties, if that's what you think
It feels a little like
unused track from amfeverpitknockout
unused track from amfeverpitknockout
But don't bring me
An attempt at carnival shoegaze. Yes, Violet, it's a freakout.
A loving ballad for loving lovers everywhere of all sexy ages.
runway girls and highway crime
A frou frou romp through the psych ward.
A song about Cindy punching Steve in the face because he probably deserved it.
a publick service announcement
a pleasant song about being hopelessly in denial
another car/sex metaphor song
The guy who lives next door to the guy who has lots and lots of friends...
and sail around the world like some permanent celebration. The continuing adventures aboard the High Powered Love Craft
but the girls is around ... Now you're back in town and you claim that you followed the seam fingertips tight on the dream and slapped with some mission of peace but the girls is around with that hip modern remakin' sound yeah you stole it…read more
stared out feet of glass they told me to forget I looked outside for offering and I still haven't lost you yet and I still haven't lost you yet...
She hangs a little garden so everyone can fit in her yard when it's time to take tea fills it up when they're walking about they really knew how to twist and shout and they're always going back that way again rents a flat with his sister…read more
Well, it IS! lyrics for my Italian friends: We're gonna be there in your wake mending the seams when they start to break make you do what you said that you would and other words that rhyme with good once so close why let it go, baby…read more
The Sailor gets a part time job in late-nite data entry-ing now that the offworld fishing industry is on the fritz... how could I ever leave my poor little scuttlebug so careless and free, she's my little scuttlebug when the lights turning…read more
The continuing story of the fool on the hill, or the man on the corner... did I mention I love synth bass? on a hilltop sidewinding back to the floor walking naked past the canopy doors and always knowing I was blooming to wander and…read more
I wonder what they do under a placid, golden moon without the worry of today's who's who
You're so sweet... you're so ****ing sweet unused Passager track
Tore your painted nails through your skirt turned me on and, man, did it hurt
That one song from Passager that nobody liked! Death of a Salesman... from hell! Another day in the life of those 'Stopadvertising' folks. I have always set a little bit off to the side to help the family though I currently have five of…read more
2010 Depeche Mode lite I was going to hire Meatloaf for the ending but it turns out he will NOT work for pancakes... which is what I had heard. This is one of the prime examples of (early on) being WAY more ambitious than what my ability…read more
2011 One of my favorite songs I've recorded. An amalgamated tribute to; 80's Crimson, Andy Summers and Peter Gabriel.
2010 or... dig this, why not try a sensual massage from a manatee masseuse? It's a fun, sexy time at the endless seafood buffet! The little intro ballad here was inspired by the overly sentimental, 80's synth-cheese soundtrack to Wong…read more
2010 Journey to the offworld
2010 I just got a phone call... offhand liz loves america though she often falls in love with places she's never been.
2010 A cautionary tale the continuing story of the Dedicated Follower of Fashion.
unused track from Passager
2010 Hey, your mind is a planet, bay-beh
A countrified tribute to Mr. Eno.