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The Berserker

Steven Douglas Baughman

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Josephine (named after the Empress) was a feral kitten when we caught her, with the worst case of worms I’ve ever seen. When we brought her back from the vet, she attacked everyone and everything in the house, cats and humans alike. We took it in stride, but the other cats did not. They bullied her, and she wound up hiding in the basement rafters.

Eventually I decided that this wasn’t healthy, and pried her out of her spot and carried her upstairs. I was frankly surprised that she let me. She attacked me when we crossed the living room and she saw the other cats. Bleeding profusely, I put her in the bedroom, and closed the door–the only functioning door in the house.

For a while she would pee on the sheets every day, but she settled down once she realized that she was safe. Now she’s a big softie, and sleeps on or next to me every night. She even lets me pick her up.

But every once in a while, she remembers how much she likes drawing blood…

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