c}{imps 8 my ears

c}{imps 8 my ears

from dover, nh, United States

voxx (2009)

28 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

well, vox.


oh A-la you sold me a free personal checking account,
go get some kaat gutz and grind em up.. gogogoggogoogogogogo
this song is a wild ride out of key. very accoustic rythmyc, and mysterious...
relax baby. you look like the american fflag/dont be so unchill baby/somebody might think your uncool. The guitar loop haunting you in the second half of the song was recorded from an accoustic guitar onto my cell pphone and to this day remains…
some light rhyming with a twist. I played the organ loop with the cord plugged in the out jack and couldnt hear what i was playing. that was a formative moment for me artistically. When I realized I didn't want to control how each song sounded…read more
weird beat poet sounding vocals accoustic meanderings some strange accompaniment.
this song is too funny. make up some words or just pretend its pizza the hut.
whip me you bitch
Juniper reads a movie tag line while an early improv piece explodes into a swirling strutting admonishment.
this song is a take on classicism and neo fascism, and not sounding like everyone else.
can you justify reality?
that mood is so scary/comes forth quickly/ like im a spooked animal/ I know you have been domesticated/ through centuries/ so what possession/ telltale twitch jettisoned... There lurks something about/ spillings of toxic oil/ crytalline liquid…read more
lyrics by juniper arrangemnt by juniper, vocals by hot wheels.
cute and casio
so,so vision and quests/choices made/ artillery set/accessories found off a dead mans chest/ nature in pixels/ sight without smells and fingertips felt/ only plastic and components/ binary binds you/binary it blinds you/ the world it waits/ outside…read more
your 4x4 is my four post bed/ the ruffles and patterns really effed up yer head/in a world of strip malls and choreographed tv brawls/ we grow like a wayward chia/ im so happy to see ya/ the texting is no touching/ and heavy petting means no munching…read more
a simple song about a man, a raft, a bottle, and a monkey. Blow me a jungle. guitars shift seamlessy backwards and forwards ina barely accoustic nod while a hapless sailor drifts in and out of consciousness, the water skipping over his toes and…
a protest song, out of time and space warp. a harmonica predomintates skillfully, while a deep slide guitar bass whizzles around, Her silky voice made distant in a reverb chamber while scant samples patter.
of dog whisperers and dcktttkrs slow jam with a sexy lead jimmy buffet acid house music.
your life/is a soft song/ over hard core porn/ on channel one/ sugar smile/ in the milk aisle/ gets yer dog holiday/ you let it out to play/your life/ is a soft song/ over a microphone/ in aisle one/ things of good taste you embrace/ but in your…read more
juniper did not know what i would do to her vocals at the end of this song, but she grew to enjoy it.
theres no reason, no reason why this song is so catchy, so sexxxy, no reason at all. it doesn't make sense.
waco waco we're all on fire
bejewled casing flutter inside wink twitch and pacing on a moonlit wing turn... beautiful song by Juniper set to one of hotwheels most ambient boop jobs..NOW WITH CLEARER VOCALS
it's been such a long time, since music was invented, such a short time, for the reign of techno!
has anybody ever really felt complimented by a drunk? its like your words mean nothing/ and you have so many of them/ do you ever ask yourself/ why do i go on/ everything i eat tastes like sand/ theres butter in my underwear/ i had a dream there…read more

early instrumentals (2009)

26 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

formative impressions, some of the many. eccentric loops, blistering trebles and flatulent bass.


if i can just hold it together a little longer..just long enough to get that promotion..then all that money..ill be fine...
in which our heroes make a song which sounds uber cool
starts with a loud roar. otherwise instrumental
meow kkkk uuu
this title is obviously a meaningless string of letters. it looks to me like it could say ann arbor, but i have no idea what that is. the song is alively instrumental.
hotwheels spaulding admits his true profession in the name of this instrumental.
this song is special..it is a live jam with three people..our guest this evening is steve..mostly he is an artist..but tonight he will jam with us. Better stop snoozin
this is another ass shaaka!
this song has a pretty rawdog guitar solo in it. the song is pretty short, but rather exquisite..instrumental
what can i say about this one..oh my god..
seriously ,a slinky made that noise
this is what happens when you mix wheaties n=and v8
go get some kaat gutz and grind em up.. gogogoggogoogogogogo
an awesomely raw instrumental showcasing most strongly an eccentric rythm ' shattered in middle by synth chirp putting song in reverse.
instrumental . eccentric loops and one solid track . i love harmonics and string scratchin . this song was once described to me as being incredibly visual and disturbing, 'i can see my head turning round and round like a possessed child.'
instrumental . guitar almost solo . sparse pounding . song changes five times in a minute and a half . expressing many thoughts without words . maybe its inspiring .
this is the most obnoxiously happy sinstrumentel
if this instrumental doesnt move you in places you didnt know you had I will
tearing up the papers oh no no thats not what i mean't rythym guitar accompanies a scene out of an office space disaster where a sexual innuendo may have not been misinterpreted close with cymbals and wind chimes as the intense situation allows…
This song is actually what i consider a pretty song, well, instrumental. complete with tinkling noises, waveform hums of several pitches and rates
This song is a brontosaurus of an instrumental, stepping on trees and crushing houses. It is a force of nature which has not walked this earth for many years...now its on the internet. in this song i play a guitar, laminated placemat, etc.
a spicy latte instrumental. a little chai. a butch looking cheeseburger. now in stereo
it is a strange fetus isnt it doctor? slide guitar and maraca-bongo play in duet on same track.
a monumentally simple instrumental. that might make you cry.
This song is really fun to play on the video game audio surf. And it is one of my favorites, embodying all the strokes I like to employ, off centred loops that organically approach the use of the micro chip, shredding, squealing, and enlightenment…

bbubble wrap magic (2009)

11 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

and these tracks were released under the nom d'plum "bbubble wrap magic."


this story is based on a real scrabble game that turned into a feudal/medieval narrative slowed to the tempo of Mathew Broderick's battles in NightHawk
i love animalism in pop music. pere ubu good example/ this song sounds like a large room full of cluckin chickens.
yeah describe this one too
i dont know/ you describe it
turn up the bass to erase your face mass effects on high arrest lipstick drunkenly scrawled across your cheek like graffiti\\\
sounds like a tropical island but isnt. Maybe like my stomach.
buck rogers in the serbian desert 300 years ago.
a deli-cat and whimsical ditty.
there are no normal frequency tones in the song to my recollection. also, it is instrumental
fun, unpredictable
this is a song about the internet,,

a remote island microchip (2009)

4 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

these tracks were released under the psuedonym 'a remote island microchip."


instrumental of a flourishing nature with fun in its veins
A pop song without the 'ular' about the struggle of the addict and the feeling of obsession.
million billion stars up in the sky ive got some questions fer you whyve i gotta die whyve i gotta live at all when the world is so riduculous
instrumental . Swaying march . march winds . grey in the eyes . i swallow your fear .

scraping biopsy (2009)

9 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

these tracks were released under the psuedonym "scraping biopsy."


this hamburger knows the score
columbus skkkked alot of dkkks
tongue in cheek or in somewhere else
an emmotional storytelling through instrumentalism. a whistle transcends the feeling of an explosive bowel movement. a noisy arcane reduction of bass jagged jarring hook and pursed lipped vocals
sixteen htz: as in the frequency of the majority of the noise in this epoch, reminiscent of kubrick. The frequency is thought to clear up mucus when played on a modified flute
waves that often crash though each other, meow a rythym guitar, hazy and recollected begins to putter in the mid morning. The howling of the wind grows as the guitar becomes frantic then frenzied in a driven pounding of the upper strings, loosely…read more
instrumental. tear you a new one.
till death do us part shot thru the heart till death do us part shot thru the heart
song about what loneliness must feel like in a crowd. simple acc guitar loop. turbine whistle. vocals, drum machine thingy. slow song. ooooh a cymbal! vocal effects!

new crop RPM (2010)

12 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

this is the 2010 rpm challenge material.


c.mon bitches/ step it up now/ feel the burn/ i aint talking bout no hemerroids ma'am/
take me home to the planet earth/ ladyslippers wet with dew/ love sinking into roots..
shoop shoop
rant ,soliloquy, rant amb rock
all is mad/all is mind/all just is
zoozaza its all a brujaja ha hahahahahaha/ the bands width is not a cummerbund/ words to squeeze out the imperfect/ bright lites fandango oh so fun/ where is the allah/ messiah/ the jah? as a species/ we fall to peaces/ our pretense, provoked…read more
it art its love of course/ the source of a divorce/ if your droolin/its the new sexy/
the highway is so close now, /the night sounds like a projector/ even the racoons fled / so close to my heart/ it plays tricks on my sight/ industrial slugs over rotting logs/ pour condominiums/like maple syrup/ pleasing corporate hounds/ who…read more
well its a dirty pile o snow meltin into the ground/ just a dirty pile o snow meltin inna tha ground/ and theres a rusty pole sticking outta the dirt/ rusty pole stickin outta tha dirt/ and the mighty snowplow pushin it around/ yeah the mighty…read more
do not follow instructions/its just other people making signs/ an asphault schooner sky/ a plaster walrus eye/ why are people pointing guns at each other/ isnt that crazy/ they mad or sumptin? I just dont get it/ why dont we have/ a global bucket…read more
got a new threat, new threat baby/ i gotta new threat/ to your existence/pushing daisies/pumpin pistons/in the engine of your destruction/ a generator supports your load/a load of crap/ your new abode/ i gotta new threat, im on your cell phone…read more
hold a census/ and a samba no one cares/ about uganda do you wanna/ marijuana its the cola/ of the nation

crop you! (2010)

12 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

this is the post rpm album. Fewer vocals, than the 'new crop.' 'Crop you!' is pretty heavy listening.


burn burn BURN. this song takes us back to our flok rock roots. rythym guitar is strong, and severely off centre. Vocals are Jupiter Summit doing her best to entice the paper-cut out into an office space fracas. It's about spending too much…read more
simple two three track whatever
this is an atmospheric instrumental whats the weather like? mostly rythym
do it . buy them . they all want desperately to be bought out . an excuse for selling off paradigm .
this instrumentless is about going to the nut bar, or eating a nut bar. A bar just for psychos. Psycho on psycho.
This one has surprisingly a lot of negative space in it.
i sing for you, dont shoot the fkkk outtta me.!
this instrumental was written by hot wheels and named by juniper .
well, what do you think?
vocal based but with no lyrics.. ha!
I guess this would be my freshest latest newest jam. complete with nearly indiscernable lyrics. but thats the way i do. everybody wants to fade away/ capitulate/ i wanna break out of the blackout stories/ please forgive me/ i've always been divided…
well, sometimes you've just got to rock for war

crop this! (2010)

11 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

micro-roc from the headland


its the way..keep the load light..your step has got a sway..
CREEPY..MENTAL.. basically the same song as dronY but you never would have guessed that right? This is also an atmospheric room darkener. Sounds like the call of the wild zombie.
well its workin now daddy!
dont worry..its not your speakers..its the ultra intense vocals in this hot song.
youre joysticking it
doesnt get any whiter
dont flock with my sheep
HE'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU. We thought this instrumental was just dying to be in a horror flick. The producers went with DMX instead. Really? up in here?
chard monster totally ate your chard dude

new thongs (2010)

12 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

dont smell like the old ones


guest saxaphone..rompish..
very upbleat..not a drill..
takes no chances at not fkkking up history for us all.
very hard core noise track. but also a beautiful pop song. instrumental
RECORDED samoke motko ako this ig tho flesches blan fla ga mugit5
i have one of these in my kitchen..its a big flat plastic fork..with 'muffin splitter' embossed in metallic gold on the glossy white handle..its also a coiny name fer a buttflossin brief..and a very original instrumental..
a conversation becomes ecclectisized..light guitar accompanies..with a bass distortion..pot effects the memory
who is the master of your flok?! we are..controlling your mind with knobs..sending images..cute bunnies
sounds pretty wicked..
tinklestrings are..simple..bright..beautiful..deep at depths..light at heart..tinklestrings tickle tinkle..like the palate cleanser of any alt-rock album..tinklestrings..
he lives inside your bum and makes your farts smelly..just dont tell your kids please..this instrumental goes where no instrumental has gone before..and comes back again..
this instrumental features a guest cellphone player..im not talking about an ericson no, im talkin one of those half g rainbow bricks they pimp software fo'

acid micro roc (2010)

11 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

monkeys! all i see are monkeys!


eternal lanterns laugh at the wind..
tearing micro ass
a stripped naked version of the classic song from our 2010 new crop RPM album
a percussive instrumental, featuring a bell sounding wood stove, yes that is a burning instrument.
there is an extreme bass wave..there is a persistent snare/can drum..there is a ffffwwxxxbbbbwwwweeee..not kidding.. there is a jwbawawafeeeeeongwa..no joke..
this pop song has a vocal track which describes the search for something vague
there is more noise cancellation in this instrumental than actual sound..so if you like how silence can effect a sound study here..there is still plenty of sound to go around..but there is something more.. perhasp subtle..
gay organ..trans-filtered guitar..a heinous name(that seems to go far)..a sonic bumpy wagon ride..through space..through a tunnel to the center of the muddiest planet..
sloopy..sloppy loopy..yet intriguing..as though nothing mattered..cause this is the last hook..its the record we play while we escape..through the open bedroom window..
this is not a song..it is twenty minutes of silence followed by a very subtle extremely low hz gong.
i wanna feel special..are you special? its supposed to be a deranged pickup line

th nexTEVOL (2010)

12 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

a dichotomous release


my neighboor is diggin holes in my right of way..no joke
i actually had to cull some data on my hdd to keep the ship afloat during this songs production. I deleted over ten gigs of crap just to get enough performance to finish the last few parts..all that being said, this is the nex evoltutio
i mean cat ass trophy
an earlier version of this trip hop ditty appeared on the album 'crop this!' This newer expanded version contains more lyrical content as well as other surprises. Chorus: You gotta drp it drp it,bnce itbnce it, hug it up tght an then renounc…read more
what talks?
terrorists in cape carnalveral
proof that anger always wins
POLITIcians are good are telling storiies..riding you round in circles..like this instrumental first of the latest album the nex evolutiu
once again, earning a name..
evol very evol..could use some drums..

explose (2010)

11 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

more original than ever


exploding the world's poor
sh! pile day dang! instrumental with bamboo flute purchased at S.O.B. i think the flute is key b or supposed to be..not that i know what that means
this intrumental is for everyone who thought that chimps is too loud or repeteivious or pesky..we thank you..heres another one..named after the effect it had on its creator..this song will take your mind away..
this intrumental is a five track accoustic guitar solo. all tracks play identically..it is the basic track from which we created riceless..a heavily clipped and looped epic. this is the down to earth version..hint last notes of trigger clinger…read more
hard rockin micros at there uber clipped pace distorting whats left of your reasltly
this instrumental shouldnt be painful to most of you. rather pleasantly skewered..
interestingly enough..this is another wacky instrumetnal at this point.. enjoy.. whistle doo doaah dah dah doo yeah actually w.g. is wright. listen to this song and at the end you will laugh your buns silly
the boss thinks your are on something..
is that a 17 : 16 time signature? i dont have any idea..its a song..instrumental..driven, inudstrial..i like that word..full of swagger this one..
ryth guitar..thundering blasmotrons..wahdactyl resounds
a one track turned five..instrumetnal..mental

monsiuer bouef le tete (2010)

10 tracks by c}{imps 8 my ears

more bouef from chimps


its a game of d+d set to a bunch of song..
guitar takes a back seat to boomf boomf