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Just When You Think

Greg Connor

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Here is my third contribution to the MN Songwriters Challenge:
Write and record these three concepts.

A stranger comes to your door, and/or….
You find a class ring along a river bed, and/or..…
You get a phone call in the middle of the night, and/or…

(The Phone Call in the night song is coming with a little help from a friend)

True Story … Steve Earl Cantrell (Class of 1968 Biloxi High School Mississippi) lost his class ring while swimming in the Biloxi River. Thanks to the internet, Facebook specifically, Mary Kay Johnson’s grandchildren found the ring on a sandbar 45 years later and was able to find the original owner.
The ring was engraved with Steve Earl Cantrell’s initials, S E C.

Steve Earl Cantrell from Biloxi High
Was out on a summer day
He went for a swim as the day slipped by
And was shocked when his ring fell away

He put his class ring deep in his pocket
For safe keeping, or so he had thought
One dive too many, he knew he had lost it
Searching had left him fore naught

Just when you think everything is lost
Something will change your mind
Look for the good in what comes across
And that’s what I think you will find

He and his friends they looked without end
They dove on and on in that place
The Biloxi flowed by and the water was high
They never recovered a trace

45 years, I think it was that
The gold class ring crossed his mind
Eventually came to grips with the fact
His class ring he never would find
One day a friend said he found it on line
A 68 Gold Class Ring
Engraved with initials that matched Cantrel
It seemed like the craziest thing
A phone call or two revealed it true
It seems so hard to believe
Steve Earl Cantrel pretty sure that he knew
His class ring would soon be retrieved


Mary Kay Johnson called with the news
Her grandchildren found that ring
On a sand bar along the Biloxi River
It was easy to spot the small shiny thing


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Colleen Dillon said

Your song writing is so awesome. Very much as good as Jim Croce storytelling. Love it!!!!!

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Ron said

Great storytelling Greg! Love the chorus and a beautiful mix. PS I graduated in 68, but I sold my ring.... that's another song

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