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Knocking At Your Door

Greg Connor

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Here is my contribution to the latest songwriting challenge offered by Minnesota Association of Songwriters:

Write and record one song and complete one of these three concepts.

A stranger comes to your door, and/or….
You find a class ring along a river bed, and/or..…
You get a phone call in the middle of the night, and/or…

Just below the consciousness, There waits a new idea
Something never thought about and never was revealed
It’s almost like a stranger that comes knocking at your door
And shares the gift of something new that no one’s seen before

When you hear that stranger knocking, try not to disregard
Open up, let him, It isn’t very hard
It just might find a simple thing you almost can’t believe
That no one’s ever realized and now has been conceived

When you hear that stranger knocking open up the door
Invite those new ideas in and brace yourself for more
You never know what’s coming till you finally comprehend
And you see that stranger knocking bringing something new again
That Stranger’s knocking knocking at your door

It’s a world of new invention changing every single day
We just keep evolving and we live our lives that way.
When you hear that stranger knocking try to understand
Recognize with open arms the gift held in his hand

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tilden said

Another outstanding entry in the Connor catalog!

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Ron said

Great song, great win!!!

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Colleen Dillon said

What a gorgeous song. I just love these lyrics and such a peaceful melody!!

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oldfolks2 said

As easy as that Greg, a simple sounding song, but I can hear the complexity of it ... just wonderful ...

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