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Walking On A Winter's Day w/ John Bennett

Greg Connor

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Written with John Bennett - Find more John Bennett music here:

Walking On A Winter’s Day

Sunlight glistening on freshly fallen snow
Winter wind blows cold and seems to not let go
Cheeks they start to glow
Cold from head to toe
Walking on a winters day
Wander (walk) familiar paths while picking up my stride
Wave and greet the people I see passing by
Problems set aside
The joy I just can’t hide
Walking on a winter’s day

Time spent wisely is time spent the right way
Make the most of what’s at hand
Catch the sunlight when welcoming the day
Fill yourself the best you can
Walking on a winter’s day

Snow is crunching beneath my feet
Chickadees sing familiar tweets
My good fortune to go this way
Walking on a winter’s day

Copyright © 2021 John Bennett & Greg Connor

Colleen Dillon's avatar
Colleen Dillon said

Absolutely beautiful imagery! Love the picking along the way giving such a quiet peaceful feeling! Well done guys!!

Ricia Rae's avatar
Ricia Rae said

Beautiful! This really captures so much of my experience (my favourite time for walking). This is a very well composed piece and the playing and singing are amazing. Thank you

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

Great picture painting guys ....

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Nice collaboration!! Love the chorus.

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