134 tracks by Dirty Spirits

A cover of an unreleased Alex Moody tune
on the fly arrangement of darling nikki by prince. live 4/21/16
recorded live with iPhone improvised live
Second side opener by Martin fox This chord progression came to me in a pre-rpm jam and we instantly nailed the feel. The words came easy too. Another five piece number. The words are about my loved ones i have lost and my feelings about our…
7th song by Kent Good Another strong rocker by KG. This song was our bastard step son. It was neglected from day one . It will mature this year as we jam it more. Only song we didnt get CW on.
8th song by P Lance McDaniel P.Lance's deep thinking deep rocking song about ....well im not sure.
9th song by Martin fox My attempt at a super-mini rock opera. I had about an albums worth of material for Lost Connection. This song is actually around seven minutes when its not cut down. Its a story about someone that follows common sence…read more
10th song by P Lance McDaniel Lance had a heavy heart during the album. His sister Bretta was diagnosed with cancer in December and this is his epic song about those times. The guitar excursion at the end is one of the highlights of the album.
Song eleven by Martin Fox Instrumental number we did as a five piece. Recorded live with no overdubs. I came up with this one a couple years ago and we play it all the time. this is a mellower version than normal, but i love the dips and valleys…
First side closer by Kent Good. This song was recorded our first session of the month. We were playing as a five piece and i really love the sound. This is one of KGs best song to date.
Fourth song by Martin Fox My first shot at really going for it on vocals. dont know if i quite hit the bullseye. this song is a modern internet love/revenge tale .
Third song by P.Lance McDaniel our trusty drummer. this song is a blast to play. we had lots of fun with it during the RPM Challenge.
Second song by Martin Fox Was on a Pete Townshend kick lately. this one came to me as i was listening to the random recordings on my phone. still not happy with the vocal mix. we spent a lot of time tweaking too.
Opening song by Kent Good. We played pretty good in Feb. We are not "chops" players, but i think we rocked this one pretty good.This song will evolve a bit as we break it in live.
song about all thoes special people we are close to but never seem to go see until its too late.
end piece to my mini rock opera attempt.M.F.
love lost tale from the desert.
yet another kick ass tune from K.G. . lets doit!
K.G. is a great story teller . another good one.
My work this year will ammount to a Who's Next type of album for me( M.F.) . could have been a rock opera, but it will just be bits and pieces of one. everyone has good tunes this year.
K.G. sent this demo to the band to give us a good estimate on how it should go. very excited to do this one.
our drummer P. Lance is back this year with another really strong batch of songs. good lyrics to go with this one to come.
a song demo i sent out to the band a few weeks ago. a bit of a tribute to The Who. a few nods in there. i hear a little Moschell and Alex Moody in there too. we will see how it works itself out. M.F.
gearing up for rpm. all songs are ready to go. more than one nod to pete townshend this year. rough little go of it on this Who classic.
another random jam . my lead work is sloppy but i think this is cool anyway.
we just started rolling tape and this fell out of the sky and it felt great as it was happening too. we are all pretty rusty after little practice the last several months. trying to shake the dust off and ready a new rig for this years rpm challenge…
group of ideas im working on. live take straight to the end.
title cut from our 2010 rpm effort
from our 2010 rpm effort
from our 2011 rpm effort
from our 2011rpm effort
from our 2011 rpm effort.
from our 2010 rpm effort
A rather flat version of an original instumental jam played live as a four piece in the studio.we played reserved compared to normal renditions. others wanted this on the album, i voted no. we made our 35 minutes. thank god!
live version of another tune from our 2011 RPM effort.
A live version of a song from our first RPM effort AMERICAN ASHTRAY.
yet another live RPM song from our second RPM effort.
Another live RPM song from our second RPM effort ECHOES UNDER THE SURFACE.
another live RPM song from or second album.
Hearts of Mars playing live at Daves Oktoberfest party in 2011. playing one of our RPM songs from our 2011 album.
K.G. wanted to write a "good times" song and i think he hit this one out of the park. here in indy the highway does a big loop around the city. add some fun and music and that equals a rockin' good time.
this song is about my inner voice letting me down. i think i shorted it a verse or two. kinda hamming it up on vocals. a bit rag tag, but fun.
this is our drummers(P.L.M) debut song with us and what a cool rocker it is. it was inspired by another musician that moved away and changed his name. i got to add a queens of the stone age/radio head type lead guitar part. what a treat!
words by The Goods,E.G. & K.G. . music by me M.F. . our preferred rpm track . this song is about a coward and what he has coming, based on an assault of one of our loved ones. you can hear the anger. that is cool!
K.G. had a moody theme going on some of his tunes this year. love his words. this song is very easy on my ears. hope you agree.
releasing my inner ozzy and tony iommi. had lots of fun with this one. started as a little middle of jam practice thing at the end of january. boy it took off. the whole band live on this one! this song is dedicated to Moschell, who motivated…read more
i tell K.G. that this one is like the allman brothers and bruce springsteen doing a tune together. another kick ass K.G. tune. we played this thing alot and nailed this take live!
this was one of our first takes of the month. still in search of a mix at this point in the month. my personal low point because i forgot my lyric notes and really cut my words short and didnt sing or deliver well. i highly believe in moving on…read more
K.G. made gold with this one. words are oh so good. J.H. broke away from his bass and added a very nice banjo part. i did a little clapton bending . i think this is a magical moment for our band. we all came together at the end and did it! i hope…
first shot getting a live mix for our upcoming RPM album. hope to record live songs and improvs in order to make time.(new baby) this is just mono . we are going to go for a stereo mix on sunday. song is still in development. no bass player availible…
another one from last RPM season that never got flushed out. we do play this regularly in practice and have played it in a few gigs as a intro jam for the second set. kind of reminds me of neil young meets the allman bros.
idea last febuary that never got finished.
just some messings around from last febuary.never really finished. kind of trippy i guess. gearing up for this RPM and looking foward to getting together with the band.
live demo from our rpm sessions. still trying to hammer this one down at this point. not a bad warts and all version of a song for a friend. Chris had just lost his home to fire.
tune i have never been able to come up with the right words. maybe someday.
here is our cover of Alex's RPM song. its a bit ruff but we had a lot of fun with it. check out his RPM album, its incredible.
thinking of the people in Japan and elsewhere that are dealing with the tragedy connected to the earthquake and tsunami. "salt of the earth" types are usally affected the most and are in the frontlines as far as rescue and rebuilding. crappy…
covers of RPMers to come soon! check out our cover of Alonetoner Alex Moody's 2011RPM song "More Than Words". our next RPM cover coming soon.
this song never really came together because of my flawed vocal rig. everything is mixed weird to try to compensate. K.G. did his best and brought it a long way.
this is a song that came from the pain of dealing with idiots that just dont get it on a daily basis. newest mix tries to deal with vocal vs instruments imbalance.
tale of a few past relationships that just never could get to the "next level" and sort of a tribute to aging punksters.
tale of sweethearts that couldnt make the finish line of life together.
tale of excess and introspection.
K.G. with a candid look into his dark side. did a new mix to bring out the drums a bit more.
song for the angry ,delusional and unempathetic people .
simple story but mostly sick throated yeller.
Song for a great friend that lost his home to a fire around christmas 2010.
dark rocker and our featured track.
first go at this one for the guys.
song for a friend whos house burned down around xmas.
return to a rpm song
Getting back to some stuff that was on the shelf before rpm, dusting off an old acoustic instrumental here.
An anthemic rocker to close the show.
What if Lou Reed and the Velvets had a guest appearance on Sesame Street?
Soft sweet song about a hot night out.
Languid tribute to Dylan's Desire album, with updated context.
Jazzy history lesson.
no guilt clean slate no guilt clean slate no guilt clean slate raw deal dealt by me today goin to church it will be okay say a prayer in a quiet voice drink some coffee and rejoice clean slate no guilt clean slate no guilt clean slate…read more
American perspective rock song.
Our modern minimalist slow builder.
Our ode to the road song.
Title track to our rpm effort. Introduces both vocalists and overall acoustic rock sound of the album.