Will I Ram

Will I Ram

from Delco, US

The Division Continues (2018)

11 tracks by Will I Ram

originally recorded for the RPM Challenge 2018 but never finished.


The Etheric Body **EP** (2017)

5 tracks by Will I Ram

a short collection of song that were intended for a CD/Book release but ended up here instead. Cheers.


Centrifugal Spirals (2016)

10 tracks by Will I Ram

2016 Will I Ram album consisting of original songs. 2 instrumentals & 8 songs with vocals, exploring into the head of Will I Ram. Alternate versions are in the works!


Wedge of Insanity (2016)

14 tracks by Will I Ram

thought would be an album maybe just a collection of songs


RPM 2016 DEMOS (2016)

14 tracks by Will I Ram

demos as they come for will i ram's RPM Challenge 2016 album. Feel free to collaborate and add stuff to my already tracks add a private comment to track you'd like on. I'll update this playlist at the end with the finished product.


Wills Desensitized (2015)

12 tracks by Will I Ram

album? collection of songs? all that.


VI - Citadel - Ohm (2015)

10 tracks by Will I Ram

First Will I Ram album in awhile which is mostly an instrumental album.



10 tracks by Will I Ram

Mostly Banjo, 12 string or electric guitar and vocal tracks. "Skins" is an all instrumental track, while the rest of the album, you'll hear my voice on it. This has been one heck of a rpm challenge my friends. So many directions, good and different. Gods to animals, or is it gods, 2 animals?!



MroomOpenM 3262013 (2013)

4 tracks by Will I Ram

2nd ever open mic at The M Room on 15 W Girard Avenue in Philadelphia, PA, USA. Open mic. 4 songs.


Traveling Bar Blues (2012)

16 tracks by Will I Ram

Album Playlist for "Traveling Bar Blues" is a concept I had originally set out to be inspired from stories from meeting various people at bars locally to where I live but inspiration comes from all places. Example like the self medicating traveling show people go on to find their next fix, etc.


Grasping Life (2012)

8 tracks by Will I Ram

A Collection of Will I Ram songs(new/old) to showcase. Playlist Art was done for a pen and ink book in high school, oh so long ago by myself, William Ramsey.


Blood Mile (2012)

11 tracks by Will I Ram

New Album, New Songs(mostly new).