Virtual Music (2009)

10 tracks by DanielB

This is a collection of my work over the last couple of years.


In this piece of synthesizer music, I tried to create something a little less like 80's synth pop that my usual stuff. The vocals are my voice, suitably distorted.
This is a song that I wrote. Once again I am playing all of the instruments and doing the singing. The style has been described as a mixture of Depeche Mode and the Human League, but I don't know why anyone would think it sounds like the Human…read more
This piece is the result of me trying to widen the influences on my music. It is an experiment to see whether an old dog can learn new tricks, or, in other words, whether I can write something that doesn't sound like Depeche Mode or anything else…
Synth music. I did this purely for a bit of fun. However, I think it also contains the hugest sounds I've ever made!
This is a piece of happy, dancy synth music. It is kind of old school, so much so in fact that it actually features a genuine vintage analog synthesizer - a Roland JX-8P. Updated 29/3/2010 Minor update 31/3/2010 Updated 5/4/2010
Just listen to those screamin' synths!
I recently bought a monstrous old Emu keyboard sampler, and this is the result.
Synthpop, written and arranged by me.
Another catchy piece of synth music. I did this piece some time ago. It was originally called "Virtual Music 4", as it was supposed to be part of a suite.
More fun with synthesizers. This one sounds a bit like Jean-Michel Jarre, but with some influences from other genres too.