34 tracks by DanielB

This is completely different to my usual music. I have no idea where it came from.
This was originally supposed to be produced entirely on analogue synths, hence the name. However, in the end it didn't turn out quite as I expected. I think that if you like Jean Michel Jarre, you'll like this too.
This is a cover of Gary Numan's "Airlane".
This is what happens when technology lets you down.
THis is another exploration of the piano and super saw genre.
This is the first ever track I have done in Logic on the Mac!
This piece was played entirely on the Fairlight CMI iPad app, and mixed in Ableton Live. Jean Michel Jarre eat your heart out!
This piece is based around a talking patch that I made for the Korg Radias. Is this the first time I've done something that's not synth-pop? Updated 28/8/2011 Updated 29/8/2011 Updated 9/9/2011 (twice)
This started out with the rhythm, and then it took me a month to find a tune to go with it. I used three synths: my Mopho, Matrix 1000, and a great deal more Roland JP8000 than I originally intended.
Romantic romplers and sexy synths!
Metallic hardware synths!
This is the first outing for my new Roland JP8000. What better way to introduce it than with the magnificent supersaw waveforms? Updated 20/2/2011 Updated 1/5/2011
The synths kind of wrote this one themselves. Updated 16/1/2011.
This piece is mostly played on the MFB Microzwerg, hence the name. Other instruments used incluse the Roland JX-8P and the Emu Emax II.
This track is played entirely on the DSI Mopho analogue monophonic synthesizer.
This is a new version of New Expression. all the instruments are different, except the lead. This is the first piece I have ever done in Ableton Live. Updated 10.9.2010
Do you miss the 80s? Go on, admit it; of course you do!
A good ol' electronic thump . . . . Updated 23.9.2010 Updated 24.9.2010
A rather quiet, melancholy piece of electronic music. Don't let it be said that you can't do emotion on synthesizers . . . .
Dancy trancy electronic synthpop. What more could you want?
I did this for my mum's 70th birthday party.
Welcome to the dark side. . .
This is a VERY catchy piece of synthesizer dance music. Remixed 1/1/2010 Remixed 5/1/2010 Enjoy
This is a piece of happy, dancy synth music. It is kind of old school, so much so in fact that it actually features a genuine vintage analog synthesizer - a Roland JX-8P. Updated 29/3/2010 Minor update 31/3/2010 Updated 5/4/2010
Just listen to those screamin' synths!
This piece is the result of me trying to widen the influences on my music. It is an experiment to see whether an old dog can learn new tricks, or, in other words, whether I can write something that doesn't sound like Depeche Mode or anything else…
I recently bought a monstrous old Emu keyboard sampler, and this is the result.
Synth music. I did this purely for a bit of fun. However, I think it also contains the hugest sounds I've ever made!
This is a song that I wrote. Once again I am playing all of the instruments and doing the singing. The style has been described as a mixture of Depeche Mode and the Human League, but I don't know why anyone would think it sounds like the Human…read more
Another catchy piece of synth music. I did this piece some time ago. It was originally called "Virtual Music 4", as it was supposed to be part of a suite.
This song is sort of like New Wave, but with a more modern feel. There are no real guitars used in it at all - it's all synths and samplers. I think this version of the song needs a bit more work, and hopefully I will get around to it one day.
More fun with synthesizers. This one sounds a bit like Jean-Michel Jarre, but with some influences from other genres too.
Synthpop, written and arranged by me.
In this piece of synthesizer music, I tried to create something a little less like 80's synth pop that my usual stuff. The vocals are my voice, suitably distorted.