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Hyrule Battlements of War

Goblin mA.I.sta

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This week, for the last few weeks, I had been working diligently on this, mixing elements of a gothic rock song,and elements of classical musical with the depiction of war, and hardship in mind. Ganon is always such an imposing force in these games, even when he isn’t technically apart of a few. and his fights are always so cinematic. So I thought I’d grace thine ears with the trumpets of WAAAAARRRRRGGHHHH! Sorry… wrong franchise.

Kick back and listen to some industrial beats and fast paced musical lines with lots of cool interesting changes to the tune as the piece plays.

I decided while I was waiting to record more for another project that I go back through some of my old stuff, and found that my new experiences and teachings I was able to master this song for easier listening. Please enjoy, let it be your workout or fight music.

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doktordoktor said

Nice mix of sounds and very listenable

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