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No Hands (Remix)


Uploaded .

First Recorded Rap Song. Mix And Mastered by me.

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henwrench said I say gimme a coupla weeks and I'll get your e-mail address off you, then I'll post you something. I've got a couple of things in mind, and I've got an instrumental piece that you could have a free reign e-mail is

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henwrench said

I'm busy for a few weeks but I'd really like to do a collab with you, if you're up for it...

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henwrench said

Now here's a comment that ain't copied and pasted...keepin' it real ;)

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henwrench said

Rapping has great tone and a sharp yet well rounded delivery. Sounds great. Almost Mobb Deep. But those singing vox on the '8-bit' bridge sections could be clearer and smoother like the late great Nate. You've squeezed a lot into 4 mins...all good it.

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