91 tracks by Mike Giles

Another one from our very first jam together.
First time jamming with these guys and it was a blast! They threw me on vocals and lead guitar for this one. Probably because I'm obsessed with AC/DC lol. Enjoy.
My personal tribute to the angriest guitar player in the world, Treeman.
Some newer stuff. Go on have a listen.
My metroid tribute.
For the other 5 in my life.
A tribute to my good friends Saturn's Return from Southport, ME. A great hard punk/metal band. The first three parts were instrumental songs, so I felt I could offer my playing this way. Check em out on Facebook!
Arthur Leavitt: Vocals
the only song I brought to the table when I was in this band. The other three seemed to like it so we kept it. Enjoy! - Mikw
Super Mario Bros. 2 NES soundtrack.
My favorite score from Nintendo 64's Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.
My version of the soundtrack to NES' Uninvited by Kemco.
My friend walked about 2 miles just to be thrown out. This is his reaction.
A riff I started playing when I was 17 ('96). Thought I'd give it life and somewhat of a completion. -Mike
New one, peeps.
A song from childhood which demands a challenge for me. I just had to.
The best song from the best horror movie ever made. Well, my version anyway. Enjoy.
Newest Addition to my "Unreleased" album. Enjoy, and feel free to give pros/cons feedback. Thank you! -Mike
My tribute to one of the best Metallica albums ever written. If you like Master Of Puppets, you may dig this...
Some new material! This album is not yet complete but I thought I'd share this track. I'm very proud of this one. An aggressive start with an emotional end. Please share your thoughts. -Mike
A song written by Daniel Fowler. Recorded during the weekend burnout (see '94 Burn Fest, you'll understand if you were a high school burnout) at his folk's house. Daniel Fowler: guitar , Mike Giles: drums.
The first song written by General Fiction. Tim Reed: vocals, Chip Sample: drums, Daniel Fowler: guitar, Mike Giles: bass guitar.
This is a cover of a band from Rumford, ME. Our guitar player Dan is personal friends with the band (The Aomebas if my memory serves me right) and thought we should cover it. Remember, we were just kids. Daniel Fowler: guitar, Tim Reed: vocals…
Another light rock with a hint of jazz. Music by Mike Giles, Roy Sample.
A light rock tune featuring Blues and Rock. Music written by Roy Sample and Mike Giles.
A cool little diddy about you know who. Music by Mike Giles. Lyrics by Tommy Lewis.
A song I'd written long before I was in any band. Music and lyrics by Mike Giles.
The second song written by Tomb. Music by Tommy Lewis. Lyrics by Mike Giles. A great example of punk and metal.
The very first song written by Tomb. Lyrics by Tommy Lewis. Music by Mike Giles, Tommy Lewis.
A remake from a 1996 band I was in. Shaun Barter on vocals. Music and Lyrics by Mike Giles
A song from a 1996 band redone with myself on guitars and Shaun Barter on vocals. Written By me, Shaun, Tommy Lewis and Roy Sample.
An NES game cover!
An NES game cover!
Older cover Of John Anderson.
Nice n mellow.
Earlier recording. Rough around the edges.
Written by Troy Gauthier and Corey Tibbets
Not our song, lol
Live from the Opera House BBH, ME
Written By Mike Giles
Yet another live performance. Written by Mike Giles and Corey Tibbets
My favorite one to play.
Recorded Live @ The Opera House, Boothbay Harbor, ME Corey Tibbets:Vocals Mike Giles:Guitar Skip Morgan:Bass Brian Papineau:Congas
This one was recorded in the studio (D.B. Studios Wiscasset, ME) in May of '02 with a different line up. Corey Tibbets: Vocals Tim Yocum: rhythm/lead guitar Mike Giles: rhythm/lead guitar Brian Warren: Bass.
Our current bassist at the time, Roy Sample, switched from bass to rhythm guitar and Gabe played the bass. Song was written by Roy. Lyrics by Corey Tibbets (vocals).
Live from Quencher's Cafe, '00
Classic song covered.
Featuring Steve Edwards on Saxophone.
Recorded on Halloween '99 in the woods performing for a haunted hayride, in Boothbay, ME
Oh, the fun of being drunk. My little dedication to the "spins". lol.
Newest one!!!! Hope it's not too "stock" lol....
For my wife.
Reaching inward to my Sepultura tastebuds.
Short but sweet. A Metallica inspired little diddy. Due to computer malfunctions the timing is iffy toward the end, but still a song I'm proud to share.
The first song done on new album. Featuring Roy Sample on guitar.
Written in the dead of winter.
One of my personal favs.
Softer more positive vibe. The "radio friendly" sound.
Very gnarley.
Kind of dramatic song, from one extreme to the other. Enjoy.
A jam I wrote from a prior band.
Another instrumental that came from my twisted imagination. Enjoy! -Mike
The newest track featuring Shaun Barter on Bass.