93 tracks by Dave Berry

Song written and recorded by Keith Berry, Dave Berry Keith- lyrics/vocals, music, IPad Apps/Garageband Dave- electric guitar, final mixing/mastering, cheerleader
Seagull Acoustic, Les Paul (Guitar tuning: Double Drop D) Ipad for all Keyboards and bass BR-1200 for drums and recording lyrics/music Dave Berry
Lyrics and music by Dave Berry Guitar: Les Paul keyboards and bass played on IPad drums and recording/mastering: Boss BR1200
Composed on and played with Notion App on IPad Composer Dave Berry
music/lyrics Dave Berry Acoustic & Electric Guitars Keys and bass played on IPad Drums & recording/mastering on Boss BR1200
Guitars tuned DGCEAD Bass, various iPad Apps for the Keys Recorded on Boss BR-1200
Seagull Acoustic (Tuning FADGCF) Recorded into BR-80 Live Rec mode
Guitar/bass into Zoom G3x into Boss BR-80. BR-80 drums.
Recorded on BR-80, Drums from BR-80 Epi Sheraton, Telecaster, bass, E-piano guitars tuned D-G-C-F-Bb-Eb (all 4ths tuning)
Played on my old Yamaha SJ-180
Dave - music/ Seagull acoustic (FADGCE tuning) played through my looper pedal (Boss RC-300) Hook - words/vocals
Dave - music/Seagull acoustic (FADGCE tuning) ORH - words/vocals
My first song wirh my new toy, a banjo, got it for Christmas. Banjo, Mandolin, synth(organ), harmonica Recorded on Boss BR-80
A Dave/Davidsen production: Dave - acoustic (right side), keyboards, vocal on verses, electric solo - Epi Sheraton (left side), Bass and BR-80 drums in solo section, various sounds and effects. Davidsen - acoustic (left side), chorus vocals, electric…
Drums/percussion played on Roland HD-1 Tele, bass, keys. Recorded on Boss BR-80
This was played on my Yamaha Guitalele, recorded direct into my Boss BR-80. Its like a Uke with 6 strings. I tune it to the equivalent of DADGAD, like a guitar in DADGAD capo'd at the 5th fret. These are wonderful little instruments, and hours…
Facemask - vocals Dave Berry - music
Lyrics/vocals/music - Dave Berry Seagull acoustic (DADGAD tuning), Strat recorded on my Boss BR-80.
lyrics/vocals/music - Dave Berry Seagull acoustic (orkney tuning CGDGCD), harmonica recorded on my Boss microBR. Where oh where will you go When the sky comes tumbling down Do you know what you'll do when the stars come to your town…read more
Oldrottenhead - lyrics/vocals Dave Berry - Epi Sheraton, bass, keys, drums played on Roland HD-1
thetworegs - vocals (holy gospel choir of Regs) Dave Berry- Strat, bass, organ, drums played on Roland HD-1 "In the Ghetto" (originally titled "The Vicious Circle") is a song recorded by Elvis Presley and published by Elvis Presley Music in…read more
Vocals/lyrics - ThetwoRegs Music - Dave Berry (Epi Sheraton, bass, keys, Drums played on Roland HD-1)
Drums played on Roland-HD-1, Epi Sheraton, bass, keys.
Ferryman - Vocals (slightly re-imagined lyrics), bass, rhythm guitar Dave Berry - guitar fills (r&l), lead solo, harmonica.
All playing by me, Roland HD-1 (drums), godin xtSA, Epi Sheraton, bass, keys. Recorded/mastered on Boss BR-1200. Twilight turns into a psychedelic sunrise The vision has me right between my eyes Everything is glowing with a strange light…read more
Written by Dave Berry Drums played on my new Roland HD-1 Godin xtsa (rhythm), Epi Sheraton (jazzy lead), bass, keys.
thetworegs - amazing vocals (is that really you Elvis, damn, what a vocal) Dave - Electric guitar, synth, bass, drums from Boss microBR. This was a labour of love. I have loved this song, and this version (Elvis) as long as I can remember…
Kenny B (from Soundcrafters): bass, drum programming Dave Berry: synth, Electric guitar, lyrics/vocals ________________________________ Midnight, I'm all alone now Think I'll put on my dancing shoes Catch a ride up to the downtown The night…read more
I strapped on my acoustic and had a go with this great song. Recorded in one go straight into my Boss microBR built in mic. No fussing around wit this one.
Dave Berry - music (acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, bass, piano) Tim Green - Vocals Shadowself - backing vocals
Slightly rocked up version of this great traditional folk song.
I changed this one up a bit into a folky ballad.
I re-imagined this Neil Young Folky song as an acoustic blues song.
Tried to keep this one straight up the middle
re-imagined as a fingerpicked folk song
Covers of some of my favorite songs
Covers of some of my favorite songs
I heard a blues song underneath the Beatles polish.
Damn I love this song
featuring the fantastic Tim Green on vocals. Thanks Tim.
My favorite Zappa song......long guitar solo!!!!!
Covers of some of my favorite songs
Changed this one up into a bit Alt.Country vibe
Lyrics/Vocals - OldRottenHead (over at Soundcrafters.org). Music - Dave Berry. Recorded on Boss BR-1200, Epi Sheraton, Bass, Synth. Drums are played by me on my new Roland HD-1 (I have had it two weeks, timing is a little shaky, bloody hard this…
Thinking of summer.........original guitar composition.........by Dave Berry
This song was inspired from all the snowstorms we have been having this winter, another on the way tonight.....I decided to prog it out for this one....prog-rock.....lets bring it back.
A little modal jamming over a D drone. Just trying to make myself feel warm as I look outside at the third major snowstorm in three weeks coming down.
An acoustic ballad, a love song, and a bit of year end angst all rolled into one.
(Lyrics posted below) A fun song I wrote with Kenneth from songcrafters.org. Its about having fun making music with friends from all over the world, connected by the internet and these great music sites that we all belong to. I came in from…read more
A little blues song with lots of guitar solos.
A cover of a great old Jethro Tull song. Back in the day when they were blues rock.
A punked up version of a Daniel Johnston song from the album "1990" The original version is mainly just his voice and piano.
Just a little prog-Alt.country-folk-rock kinda song about being who you are and not letting anybody tell you different.
A Ken & Dave Production music : Ken & Dave lyrics/vocals : Dave
A rock and roll love song.
Fun with delay
Well, this is the last song in the Lobster man song cycle. I had one left in me to get out, this one hopefully finishes the story for our Lobster man and his son Lobster Boy. I can now finally move on to other things... thanks for listening…
Another tale of a melancholy pirate, I guess thats the way I see the old Pirating life, hardship, terror, and longing to go home.
A day at the beach and a moment of seeing past the trappings of the physical world into what's really important. This song is doing double duty with another Rock-opera concept. Lyrics: Fuzzface / Music, Vox: Dave Berry Recorded on BR-1200;…read more
This one is about that moment when you chuck your city life behind, go down to the dock and board the ship, leaving your old life behind for a life of adventure on the seven seas.
If you see Lobster man or Lobster Boy one night on the beach, run for your life!
A frightening thing, to go from being a man to becoming a Lobster-man. Now Gather around me hearties For I've got a sad tale to be told Hoist the colors ye bilge rats The call rang out, we were off for gold Grog in our bellies, horn-pipes…read more
Here is my latest song, I was playing around with my Tele into my Adrenalinn III pedal with its beat sync'd effects which gave me some of the sounds here.
Well, my son and I were sitting around the backyard last night. A nice fire going, I was playing my acoustic, and we heard this crazy cricket chirping away very close to us. My son asked if I could record him with my "machine". Out came the…read more
I just bought a mandolin and while I was playing around with it to try to learn it this song kinda developed. A dark Alt.Country tale of love lost.
A rock and roll love song..... of sorts.
Another one I wrote with my acoustic, then filled it out a bit during recording. A sorta love song for my family.
I live my daydreams in music.
Morning light on the mountain stream, catches the eye of the child within his dreams. The day begins, present and aware, of all the beauty, he plays without a care. Castles on the riverbank, a choir of birds in song, picking spring flowers in…read more
A rocking blues song about walking away from it all. The sax is from my GR-20 guitar synth. A few smoking guitar solos for fun.
My latest song, sorta Blues-rock song.
This is a song written by my Cyber friend G.T Alfsen over at Songcrafters.org. This is my version of his great song. I decided to prog it up a bit.
We call this Beat-box ghosts (the prog-fu mix). A fun collab between Osckilo and myself. Osckilo had this song he did called Ghosts, all done beat-box. I had to ask him what beat-box meant, I had no idea. I took his original track (just his…read more
This started as a simple piano piece from Osckilo, I took that as a beginning point and added the rest (synth, guitar, drums from Boss microBR), turning it into a prog-rock instrumental.
An acoustic guitar instrumental inspired by the sound of a rainy day.
Flying above the buildings and trees feeling free.
Early morning, down by the docks, the fog is heavy before the sun burns it off.
A folky ballad about the trials and tribulations that happen during home recording, in this particular case using a Boss microBR. ********************************************* Let me tell you all a story, most of it is true, a strange and twisted…read more
"Face it, she's gone and not coming back, its time to move on" done in folk style with acoustic guitar and harmonica.
A prog-rock style song about looking for answers in dreams.
A prog-rock style song about trying to figure it all out before it is too late.
A folk-rock tale about facing your fears and surviving to tell the tale.
A prog-rock style tale of a deep-space rescue mission and amnesia, that sorta thing.
Synthesizer, guitar, and space echo (Boss RE-20) combine to create controlled noise and keep it musical (that was the goal anyway).
A love song of sorts, a" winter is finally over" song, and a song about traveling into the wild country.
laying on the beach looking up to the stars.
A Prog-rock style song inspired from a series of vivid dreams that left a lingering impression with me.
A love song for my wife.
Acoustic guitar and electric guitar tell the story of a good old-fashioned snow storm.
You go down to the docks, the sun just starting to come up. Its time to greet the day.
A blues-rock song about going up to the big city (Toronto) for work, but feeling terribly homesick for what was left behind.
A folk-rocker howling into the wind.
An Alt.Country style song about a girl named Katherine Lynn