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ai-no hanashi "Talk of Love"

Drop D

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Stepping outside of my normal “dub” vibe…this track was an experiment that started out as some support tracks for a live performance at a club for a Japanese band I was producing about 11 or 12 years ago. I had used a bunch of drum tracks and long loops loaded into a Yamaha SU700, manipulated them and layered them…slowly building over time. The original rhythm tracks and loops were to go under a Japanese “Naga-Uta” or “Long-Voice” singer…(the music traditionally used for Japanese “Noh” plays). The singer also happened to be a talented bass player in his own right, who would sing Naga-Uta and play groovy bass over these kinds of loops and rhythms. I had created these loops thinking the Gregorian chants would be an interesting cultural mix with the Japanese long-voice (and they were), and thankfully saved them to DAT. They were only used for the one performance (unfortunately the performance with the long-voice was not recorded). I recently found the DAT, loaded it into my DAW and threw down some of my own fretless bass over the top. It’s all about the groove and the loops-building a journey over time. The voice samples are from an old Japanese underground B&W flick…almost beat-era…two “hipsters” basically talking about love.

Guest said


Guest said

Packed with secrets, no doubt. Very intriguing!

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Derek Dibbern said

Like this one a lot Scotto

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Movement To Contact said

Very cool and laid back. It would make for a great into to a live show.

Guest said

Good track, Scott!

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Drop D said

Patience...let it build...and wait for the hit at about 3:19...then just hang out and enjoy the ride.

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