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Wandering Souls Strange Journeys


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This is an Acoustic piece that was inspired by a Journey in a Dream I had that took me to a strange place between earth and another place in space and time, I went to a train station and entered a train that went up into space to some very strange places and visited some strange places with some strange looking characters, then I went to a place where they had some strange light machines that corrected any healing of the body and induced some heavenly powers into peoples body and souls, then we traveleled back to earth visiting some strange place on the way back, thanx for listening ,hope you had a nice visit, have a great day my friends. “G”

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kirklynch said

Gorgeous track!

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Anton said

Awesome working with delay, guitars sound so melodic and musical! I also like your native american feel tracks very much.

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SonicLuke said

Really great. Thanks for sharing this.

Guest said

This travels like the rest of your jams,purely awesome!!

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