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Rossi's Tide - Stage I: Yesterday - (Time: 4:40)


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Just a thing that I am Collaborating on with the vocalist of one of my projects (TKP) - His guitarist recently passed of suicide, and he wants me to help with his 5 stages of grief and the send-off of his best friend. This project is called Rossi’s Tide -
Part one is called YESTERDAY (Acoustic guitar on yesterday by Trevor Van Soolen, Electric guitar and leads by Ed Price, Vocals by Chris Hall) - It is a song about the passing of Chris’s Father and coincidently the last thing that Chris and the original guitarist wrote together, two weeks prior to his death. Because of this, the vocals will not be redone, and that track will be released unchanged. It’s the only part that has vocals right now. I added a couple small leads and an accent part toward the end.

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