173 tracks by Lalo Oceja

Me and my cousin when we were kids
This is my daughter singing a song that my mother wrote and I composed the music and played the piano
This is my daughter singing another song that my mother wrote and I composed the music and played the piano
Same Style for this album
I never recorded the voice, this one is very old never ended it, but I wanted to share it...
yet another one
still another one of its type...
another one...
This was gonna be the third movement of my piano concerto, but never finished it... I decided to upload it after quite a long time.
piano improvisation
This is my first attempt of making a piano concerto, this is the first movement.. please excuse all the mistakes
piano music
and another one...
another string quartet
This is the final ending of my Percussion Festival
Slow timpani and triangle and a touch of bass drum Wagner style
Only drums
this is only metals percussion
This is only woods percussion
percussion order.. but disordered
this is a disorder.. but ordered
6 different percussion instruments
Vibes, bass drums steel plates
sounds of the waterphone
bass drums
cuarta pieza
Third piece
second piece...
First piece of this festival... the openning
Here it is the 12th piece...
only one more to go to finish this 12 serie of chamber music pieces...
another prelude for piano solo
This is the first of my microscopic moments
another string quartet
String quartet
I'm back!
Op. 20
last one
Number 4
Number 3
Number 2
This is going to be a series of 5 pieces for xylophone and two trumpets
a little tribute to Erick Satie
Another one... :)
here's another nocturne for piano solo, I just played it a few minutes ago
nocturne for piano solo
I was out for a while but I am back.. I played this one a few minutes ago
Another romance for piano and small orchestra
Second movement of my Concerto per violino e piccola orchestra, Andantino Op. 20
this is a small concerto for violin and orchestra. First movement. Op. 20
Book V the conclusion, Deuteronomy
Another abstract movement for piano solo, this one is number 6
This is the book number four: Numbers. This is a book of war... a cry of war. Yes! this one has a lot of Gustav Holst influence and the first chord is very like Mozart's Don Giovanni... tell me what you think about it please. thanks.
Book III Part II
This is nothing to do with what I've been doing.. The truth is I was bored and turned on my roland juno-d and I started mixing up some sounds and well this is it, I know its not my musical area but wanted to try...
Book III
Op. 15 Book II Exodus
This is the second part of my Genesis: 'Adam and Eve'
This is the first part of my Genesis
These are tiny little pieces for orchestra.. I will be uploading all of them, this one is the first
another nocturne for piano solo
another little prelude
This is the first part of a theme that my dad composed for piano and and I orchestrate it.
This is a tragic, dramatic, distressing piece for orchestra, strings make it sound like a great calamity.
This is a tiny waltz for piano
a little prelude in C sharp
another nocturne
another one
another one
This is a try of a scherzo for piano, I will try to make more and better
another one
this is a second prelude for piano solo
Nocturne for piano solo
Nocturne for piano solo
This is a nocturne for piano solo
fourth one of this suite
third one of this suite
second one of this suite
first one of this suite
This is a quartet for strings in A minor...
The third one, its a string quintet
the second one
This is what I think it should sound the tabernacle of God that Moses made
I was thinking of a snake
If Berlioz would've heard this piece.. he probably would have said that it was too vulgar (lol) too much percussion... but oh well I got very excited when I made this one... the tempos are not very well because its very hard!!!
a little piece for small orchestra
The third one of my sublime passages for organ. The picture in the album's photo is the cathedral of Puebla city, where I live.
This is a prelude I wrote for my son, this is the piano solo version, theres another one with cello
I wrote this for a small orchestra a few years ago. Its a tribute to Igor Stravinsky
this one is the first of this serie
As a super Buxtehude, Hartmann and Bach fan I always wanted to compose music for organ... so this is the second of my sublime passages for organ. This is a Prelude and Fantasy-Fugue in C minor
This is my version of circle C
These are 3 variations to the mexican "the cockroach" popular theme
A lot of pedal!
number 5! last one I guess.... If I make another one, it will be for piano and other instrument
number 4!
third of the abstract movement series
This is another abstract movement I made for piano
This one is the second of my 3 states of water Op. 6
A little bit abstract
This is the first of my 3 states of water: Liquid
This is the third of my 3 dramatic pieces for piano
this is a very small and simple quartet for wind instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb and basson
this is the second of a serie of 3 pieces for piano
I have a 3 years old little child and she watches the Barney video a million times a day! so I decided to make some variations to the Barney's theme "I love you and you love me..."
This is the first of 3 dramatic pieces I wrote for piano
This is a short prelude for piano and cello I wrote for my son
Third and final movement. Presto.
This is the second movement of my Sonata-Fantasie No. 1
I wanted to start composing in the "classical" or "romantic" style for piano. This is the first movement of a sonata fantasia, its a sonata because it has three movements, but a fantasia because it doesnt have the exact structure of a sonata.
this was my first composition in the "classical" style, I made it for my daughter
nuestros tiempos son muy dificiles... una reflexion de la vida
trying to do a different beggining, and I like to make a turning point in a song.
slow song
another style
improvising on a theme
piano and strings
quebrantame, con tu fuego consumeme...
(not very well recorded sorry)
not very well recorded :)
I was just having fun recording, but its not very well performed, i would say its just an improvisation